Chiron Ic Characters Show Us How to Become Real Heroes

All is not lost for Chironic people when it comes to lingering pain. The resolution of Chiron's mythical story comes with his offer to be the scapegoat—to put his suffering to good use and give Prometheus a break. Here are some examples of modern-day heroes who have transmuted pain and taught us how to do it for ourselves:

Michael J. Fox. One of the most likable actors of his generation, Michael J. Fox has one of the more prominent placements of Chiron—in the first house closely opposing Pluto. His characters in Family Ties and Back to the Future are fondly memorable, as are his roles in the films Greedy, The American President, and the TV series, Spin City. After bearing the burden of Parkinson's disease silently for years, Fox went public with his diagnosis when he left Spin City in 2000 because of it. He continued to be a role model, turning his disease into a vehicle for change. He started the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, and maintains his sense of humor, considering the title of one of his fundraisers: "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson's."14

Christopher Reeve. I am writing this a week after Chris's death, and today my local newspaper ran a cartoon with two panels15. The first was "Superman played by Christopher Reeve." The second, depicting Chris in his wheelchair, was captioned "Christopher Reeve played by Superman." He is the ultimate Chironic character, becoming a hero in whatever form presented itself to him. Natally, Chiron squares his close Sun/Mercury conjunction, and he not only far surpassed his expected healing curve when an equestrian accident left him quadriplegic, he went to bat for the cause of spinal chord injuries and stem cell research to cure it. He kept working; he kept hope. He believed to his dying day that he would walk again. Chiron has much to do with the can-do spirit, no matter what.

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. I have often wondered how Caroline Kennedy has managed, I hope forever, to avert the so-called "Kennedy Curse." (For those with more technical knowledge, Caroline has a close Chiron/Moon conjunction opposing Uranus and square Mars-- part of a t-square, a triangle of aspects considered quite potentially challenging). Not to mention the enormous personal losses she has

14, Michael J. Fox: 100/103b michael j fox.html

15 The Sacramento Bee, October 23, 2004, Opinion, cartoon by Matt Handelsman, p. B6.

endured, a casual reading of her natal Chiron would suggest the pain of feeling different. Her overexposure to the public eye from childhood onward certainly had the potential to contribute to that fate. Who better to write a book called The Right to Privacy? Instead of staying stuck in a limelight without boundaries, she told us how to set them. This is a great example of Chiron's ability to transmute pain into a blessing.

Chironic people are humble, sharing their talents. Caroline's are considerable— lawyer, writer, Presidential daughter, wife of artist Edwin Schlossberg, and mom to their three children. An example of her ability to be a regular person, despite her famed pedigree, was buying eight "Arnold's the One" tee-shirts when her cousin-in-law, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was inaugurated governor of California16.

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