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INTRODUCTION - The Stars Are NOT to Blame 8

What's changed since the first edition of this book—and what hasn't; understanding the author's perspective on astrology—both psychological and metaphysical; the stars are not to blame; karma—another thing we love to blame, and why we shouldn't.

CHAPTER 1. Astrology — A Tool for Self-Awareness 12

How astrology helps us identify our strengths as well as the ways we sabotage ourselves; the chart as a tool for self-acceptance; the signs we love to hate—and how they are part of us; table of correspondences between signs, houses, and planets; understanding conflicting parts of ourselves; how weaknesses can become strengths.

CHAPTER 2. The Sun — Center of Our Being 20

Why your Sun Sign may not fit you; how the physical features of the sun as a celestial body reflect its astrological meanings; the Sun as both the center of the solar system and the center of our being; what meditating on the symbol for the Sun can teach us.

CHAPTER 3. Understanding the Moon—Reflections on Diana 27 Moon symbolism, Moon worship, and women; occult significance of the Moon; a lunar experiment proves its universal pull; the Moon and mothering—what you give is what you got; the Moon and emotions; going from Sun Sign to Moon Sign; a Who's Who of the twelve Moon Signs.

CHAPTER 4. Mercury and the Mind 37

Mercury—the myth and the metal; medicine and humor; communication and intelligence; debunking Mercury retrograde; the positive power of thinking.

CHAPTER 5. Venus — Learning to Love 46

Venusian images; Venus as a celestial body; the symbols for Venus and Libra; Venus in exaltation, detriment, and fall; Venus and the outer planets—challenges in personal love; sharing and love; outer planet transits to the sign Libra and how they have marked the evolution of modern relationship patterns.

CHAPTER 6. Mars and Healthy Self-Assertiveness 55

What we can learn from the symbol for Mars; Mars and energy; constructive functions of Mars; Mars and aggression; where anger and irritability come in; Mars and self-assertion, an antidote to anger; Mars as a guide to our sexuality; making peace with "the God of War."

CHAPTER 7. Jupiter — The Overrated Benefic 64

The broad view—how the various meanings of Jupiter are related; Jupiter and the liver; Jupiter, gambling, and other risk-taking; Jupiter and Saturn—co-rulers of luck and success; Jupiter and Bad luck; Jupiter—overrated or not?

CHAPTER 8. To Saturn, With Love 74

Saturn's glyph and physical form; Saturn and time; Positive and negative qualities; Saturn's cycles and transits; the Pearl in the Oyster.

CHAPTER 9. Chiron and Wholeness 81

Contributed by Joyce Mason, former publisher of Chironicles newsletter and dozens of articles on Chiron. Chiron—for better or worse; Chiron: modern find, big question mark; Chiron's glyph, cosmic characteristics, and cultural connections; Chiron's myth; Chironic characters show us how to become real heroes; wholeness, inner marriage, and the Chiron sector; Chiron cycles and life's purpose; Got it now--Chiron's purpose in our lives.

CHAPTER 10. Uranus and the Different Drummer 93

What we learn from the glyphs for Uranus; Usual astronomical properties of the planet Uranus and what they tell us about its astrological meanings; The process of becoming an individual; In-groups—teens, rebels, and radicals; Uranus and the field of astrology; Genius and eccentricity; Uranus and groups; Accidents and breaks under Uranus transits; The Uranus transit—lightning bolt or earthquake; Uranus and crisis.

CHAPTER 11. Living with Neptune — The Tide Can't Always Be In 104

Neptune, God of the Ocean; the material vs. the astral plane; alcoholism, addiction, and mental illness; the problem with panaceas and escapism; Neptune as a higher expression of Venus— compassion and service; Neptune transits—Why Me, Lord?

CHAPTER 12. Dealing With Pluto--Let Go and Let Live 113

Negative expressions of Pluto; Using Pluto's energies for healing; Just say no—to Plutonian patterns of relating; Pluto's relationship to sexuality; Pluto transits—endings and beginnings; Using Pluto well—a rebirth is possible.

CHAPTER 13. The Houses of the Horoscope: How Inner Attitudes Determine Outer Realities 122

How our attitudes and beliefs affect our approach to the areas of life described by the houses of the chart; meanings of each of the twelve houses and how outer realities reflect our thought processes.

CHAPTER 14. How to Analyze Aspects for Yourself 140

What aspects are; the basic meaning of the various aspects and how to find them; conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, quincunxes, and oppositions; a right-brain approach to understanding aspects; steps in analyzing aspects; an example of aspect analysis; "afflictions" and "bad aspects"; making a project of one of your tougher aspects.

CHAPTER 15. A Spiritual and Psychological Perspective on Transits 159

Why we will focus on the outer planets; transits and personal responsibility; transits as process; back to the natal chart— key to understanding transits; some thoughts on the meaning of pain; steps in making better use of your tough transits; where to go from here in studying transits.

CHAPTER 16. From Bedford-Stuyvesant to the Stars — by Subway 172

Donna takes her astrology class from an alcohol treatment center to visit the planetarium at Columbia University in New York City.

A Glossary of Astrological Terms 182

For the novice, definitions of various technical terms used in this book, all in one place for quick reference. To access it at any time, click on the bookmark tab and reopen it.

How to Use an Ebook 187

Tips and instructions for mastering this new medium; an ebook's special features; a gift to the environment.


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