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If If be significator, it shews extravagance, dissipation, and all kinds of debauchery and intemperance.

If Ç be significator, the person has many enemies among the clergy, and the legal profession, magistrates, &c., and he is equally void of virtue and prudence.

If 11 be significator, it gives trouble, contention, perplexities, lawsuits, and, in consequence, indigence.

If $ be significator, the person is frequently persecuted for his singular religious opinions ; his understanding is weak, and he is often involved in strife and contention.

If If. be significator, it shews one of many words, though of poor abilities ; he is weak and foolish, and, if in a public capacity, is execrated by the multitude.

If the j!) be significator, he is injured by faithless friends and deceitful relatives ; and his property is impoverished by hypocritical fanatics.

If d be significator, it denotes a man of great ambition and violence ; but his fortune is too evil to allow him to succeed.

If the 0 be significator, he is restrained by no principle of honour or gratitude; his affairs are always deranged, and he makes use of the most violent means to retrieve them. Such a one frequently becomes a footpad, murderer, or housebreaker, and is either killed in some contest, or falls a victim to the laws of his country.

If (J be significator, these aspects cause lust, excess, prodigality, disease, and injury by loose women, and complete waste of fortune.

If ? be significator, he is very treacherous, mischievous, base, and inconstant; or if it be a female, she is a prostitute, or very shameless.

If (J be significator, it shews one of some ability, but his talents are applied to the most dishonourable purposes.

If J be significator, it denotes a thief or assassin; one whose most solemn protestations are not to be believed; who will desert his benefactors at their utmost need: he is violent, furious, contentious, and despised by every one for his infamous life.

If ^ be significator, the querent described by him is a fit companion for the lowest and most unprincipled of mankind ; he is very unfortunate, and is probably a wandering vagabond, who travels over the earth without a friend or a home.

If } be significator, he is excessively abusive, malicious, and treacherous. He may travel into foreign countries as a sailor or soldier, amidst innumerable dangers and hardships, and die by pestilence, dysentery, or the sword.

If the © be significator, the person suffers losses, trouble, and much anxiety.

If ]) be significator, he is obstinate and quarrelsome ; he is exçeedingly ambitious and prodigal ; and is sometimes marked in the face, or his eyes are affected : the latter is especially the case if © be afflicted by J, or either © or }) are with the nebulous stars.

If $ be significator, it shews a changeable, unsettled life, great troubles in marriage, and much ill-fortune.

If the ]) be significator, it shews a dissolute, extravagant life, attended with indigence and poverty, and much trouble from females.

If Ç be significator, it no doubt gives some abilities, but such persons are too unsettled to apply very closely to any subject ; they are continually shifting their situations, (especially if J be in a moveable sign), nor are they very sincere in their professions of friendship, nor very scrupulous in the method by which they may attain their ends.

If J> be significator, they have a defect in their utterance, have but little ability, except a kind of low cunning, which they apply to dishonest purposes. But as Ç is acted on by every planet having an aspect to him, it will be necessary to observe each aspect, and allow for its influence ; for if $ have a A of 3/, the □ of $ to J will not be near so evil, though the person will be far from sensible, notwithstanding that they are tolerably honest and well-meaning.

Observation.—The stndent must always remember, that the true character and condition of the person signified can only be correctly learned by noticing all the aspects the sig-nificator may receive, as well as observing the nature of the sign and house it is in, and the degree of strength or weakness it possesses, as well as thoge planets which aspect it. Thus, if the significator be J, and he receive the <f of ©, yet if 0 be weak, and have also a A of 1/, this benefic planet being strong, he may judge that the querent will suffer by the evil influence of ©, by receiving a severe wound in a duel, or in honourable warfare ; whereas if, instead of the A of 1/, the O of $ occurred, there would be little doubt that he would be killed by police officers, or die by the hand of the public executioner ; the latter especially, if © was in the 10th house.

A List op Fixed Stabs which mat be considered in Horary Questions ; with their approximate Longitude, Jan\ 1, 1835.*


Ram's following Horn The Pleiades . . . The Brightest of the

Seven Stars . . Oecuku Taurus, or the Bull's North Eye . . Aldebaran, or the Bull's South Eye . . . . The Bull's North Horn Bright Foot of Gemini



North AsseUus . • . Praspe, or the Claw of the Crab . . . South AsseUus . . Hydra's Heart . . Cor ft, the Lion's Heart Vindemiatrix Arista, the Virgin's Spike South Scale . . . North Scale . . . Froti8 Scorpio . . Antares, or the Scorpion's Heart . . Right Knee of Ophiucus Capricorn's Tail . . Scheat Pegasi . .


ft 27 7 21 12 tri 17

sa 21

x 26

0 0

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