The Resolution Of All Manner Of Questions And Demands

CHAPTER XXII. questions concerning the first house» it the querent be likely to live long—yea or not?

Signs of Health and long Life.

Consider whether the sign ascending, the lord thereof, and J, be free from affliction; viz. combustion or (5, □ or £ of the lords of the 8th, 12th, 6th, or 4 th houses ; whether they be direct, strong in dignities, swift in motion, angular, especially in the 1st, or 10th houses; or if in the 11th or 9th, and in good aspect with %, ?, or ©, or in the terms of % or ?: these are arguments of health and long life; and the contrary, viz. the asc. ]), or lord of the 1st, in bad houses, and afflicted, shew mischief at hand.

If the lord of the ascendant be under the Sun's beams, or going to combustion, which is worse than when he is leaving 0; or }) cadent and unfortunate, by being afflicted by those planets having rule in the 8th, or 6th; or J?, ^ or 8 in the ascendant or 7th house peregrine, or in their detriments or retrograde, judge that the querent will not be long lived, but is near some danger or misfortune, according to the quality of the significators, and of the houses those planets are lords of, which afflict the ]), &c.

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