Questions Concerning Marriage

Whether a Man shall Marry ?

If a man ask this question, let the lord of the ascendant, ]), and $, also planets in the ascendant, be his significators. Then if )) aspect favourably ©, ?, or lord of the 7th, or the lord of the 1st aspect the lord of the 7th, or be in the 7th, or the lord of the 7th be in the ascendant, or if most of these significators be in fruitful signs, or disposed of by ?, the man shall marry.

Whether a Woman shall Marry ?

Follow the same rules as above, but, instead of ]) and ?, substitute O and If have no aspect or familiarity with ©, it is a strong testimony of the negative.

The Time of Marriage.

The degree of the application of }) to © or ?, or of © to (J, or the lords of the 1st and 7th to good aspect, or to □ or <f, if with strong mutual reception, or of the lord of the ascendant to the cusp of the ascendant» or the lord of the 7th to the cusp of the ascendant, must be noticed. Ajid if the significators be swift, and the testimonies of marriage strong and numerous, moveable signs give days, weeks, or months, as the applying planet be angular, Bucceedent, or cadent ; and common signs, in like way, give weeks, months, or years ; and fixed signs give, in like manner, months or years.

Of Marriage with any particular Person who may be desired.

If the lord of the ascendant or } (or if the querent be a woman, the G) be joined to the lord of the 7th in any of his dignities in the ascendant, 10th, or 11th, the querent shall jobtain the party desired.

If both significators behold each other by # or A out of the ascendant and 11th, or out of the 7th and 9 th, or 7th and 5th, and no frustration or rétrogradation of the chief significators happen before the good aspect be completed, the match will be perfected, if the querent please. For we always suppose a freedom of will to do or not to do. And if there be a □ or between the significators, without reception, the matter will come to nothing.

A □ aspect with reception will perfect the matter, but with some difficulty. If no reception be, there may be hopes, but no grounds to judge favourably«

When the lord of the ascendant is in the 7th, the querent loves best ; and when the lord of the 7th is in the ascendant, the quesited loves best.

The match may be brought about, though there be no aspect between the significators, if there be any good translation of light ; more especially if the planet who translates be a fortune, or be not retrograde, combust, or unfortunate, or afflicted by J? or £. The person signified may be known by the description of the planet, according to the sign he is in, and the way he is aspected ; and the quality of the person, from the house he is lord of. A masculine diurnal planet shews a man, and a feminine nocturnal planet a female, or an effeminate man, and vice versd.

Testimonies that the Marriage shall be hindered.

Observe the planet who receives the light of the significators. If he be a heavy planet, and have the □ or £ of a malefic, or be cadent, the intended match shall be broken off, though at present never so feasible.

Remark which party's significator is strongest; that party shall first marry after this dissolution.

If the significators apply by an evil aspect without reception, or if there be no good aspect between the luminaries, there will be no marriage; unless the lords of the ascendant and 7th be placed in each other's houses, and the other signs be very decided for the match.

If the evil ^ be in the ascendant, he renders the querent cool, and but little inclined to marriage ; unless he be very strong or well aspected. If he be in the 7th, he has the same effect on the quesited. He is generally an enemy to marriage, whereas ? assists marriage, and inclines the parties thereto.

What shall be the Cause of the Marriage being prevented ?

Consider the evil planet who intercepts his rays between the significators, and hinders the marriage; and observe what house he is lord of, and where he is situated. If he be lord of the 2d, want of money will be objected to the querent, or he may fear to marry from lack of means.

The lord of the 3d denotes that it will be caused by the querent's kindred or neighbours, or by means of some short journey.

The lord of the 4th shews that his father will not agree.

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