reason of rivers, marshes, &c.; and so the army can do no good service.

If cJ be in the 5th, well dignified, or a fortune aspect it, the army on the querent's side will be good soldiers, and well behaved ; but J? there, or 8, denotes the contrary.

If a fortune or 8 be in the 6th, the ammunition train, artillery, &c. will be good ; if ^ be there, the horses will be fierce, wild and unbroken. If f? be there (without dignities", they will be unserviceable, slow, and worn out.

A fortune in the 7th, the arms and instruments of war will be plentiful and serviceable. If an infortune be there, or afflicting it by evil aspect, they will be the reverse. In the former case, the enemy will be brave and no fool, and will fight fair; in the latter case, the enemy will fight rather by craft and treachery, than fair manhood.

A fortune in the 8th, shews that there will not be many men slain on the querent's side; nor any very important battle be fought. If ty he there, there will be much plundering and destruction, and many prisoners be taken; also much death by sickness and want, &c. If (J be there, then expect much bloodshed.

A fortune in or aspecting the 9th, the enemy is well situated, and will strive to gain by false reports, alarms, &c.; he is politic. If an infortune, he will wear himself out by marching, and will be often deceived by false intelligence; and if a fortune be in the 3d at the same time, the querent'a side will gain by this conduct of the enemy.

A fortune in the 10th, or aspecting its cusp by ^ or A» shews that the commanding officer is expert and capable. But if fj, 8, or £, (unfortunate), be there, or afflict the 10th house by □, the commander on the querent's side will be extremely incapable and unworthy, and meet only disgrace. r

.introdtjctioit to astboloqy.

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