solved. He may thus, in five minutes, learn infallibly whether the affair will succeed or not; and, consequently, whether it is prudent to adopt the offer made or not. If he examine the sign on the 1st house of the i figure, the planet therein, or the planet ruling the sign, will exactly describe the party making the offer, both in person and character; and this may at once convince the inquirer for truth of the reality of the principles of the science.

Moreover, the descending sign, &c. will describe his ; own person and character; a farther proof of the truth of the science, if he require it. Here, then, is a ready test of the truth of Astrology. Will its adversaries dare to make its application ? It would, methinks, be better than relaxing the broad muscles, which ever denote ignorance and surprise, the feelings which, combined, are the undoubted source of laughter; the only argument of the idiot, the ready resource of the ignorant.

In editing this work, toy chief object has been to render it useful to the student in Astrology, and so, by forwarding the science, to promote the general interests of humanity.

With this view I have re-written those parts of the work which modern discoveries in Astronomy and Astrology have rendered obsolete. Tables for calcu-

PREFACE. Vli lating Nativities and a Grammar 6f Astrology are adjoined, and every ingredient of the science given which the student is likely to require.

As regards the deviations I have made from the rules of the author, they are few, and founded on much experience. I have omitted his chapters on nativities, as in that part of the science he was less perfect than in any other; the reason being that he relied on essential dignities, which are, by my experience, of little, if any, avail. The rules for calculating arcs of direction will be found in the Grammar.

In conclnsion, 1 have no desire to offend any class of men by patting forth this work: I do not know whether I should not respect even prejudice, for the sake of peace, were it not that I cannot conscientiously consent to. abandon truth in the effort. I am callous to the pnny efforts of critics who may desire to pour on me the waters of vituperation or ridicule, having already passed through a flood. After many years' experience, I have found the laws of Astrology unfailing; and as I can discover no prohibition of its practice in the Word of God, I am prepared to defend it against all the foolish attacks of those who falsely declare that it upholds fatality, or is opposed to the providence or the revelation of the Deity. And I am contented, with God's blessing, viii PREFACE.

to give up the ghost in the firm persuasion, that, in maintaining what I believe is the truth in this respect, I shall meet, hereafter, through the goodness of God and the merits of my Saviour, with a merciful judgment.

I am, reader, your devoted friend and well-wisher in all science which may honour God and benefit mankind,

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