Of The Ninth House And Its Questions Long Jour


Of a Voyage, and its Issue.

If there be good planets in the 9th, or its cusp be well aspected, or the lord of the ascendant or 10th be there, and well affected, it is good. But if lj[, J?, or 8 be there, it is always evil. If the lord of the 9th be with an evil planet, he shall not speed well. ^ shews losses and sickness; J shews danger by thieves or pirates: and 8 much the same as but more of cozening and cheating. The house of substance from the 9th is the 10th. Fortunes there shew wealth; infortunes loss. If benefics be in the 9th, a good voyage; if malefics, many hardships, &c.

What Wind and Weather the Querent will experience.

The lord of the ascendant with good planets, and they strong and in friendly aspect, and the lords of the 1st and 9 th in A out of n, or ss, shew fair weather and favourable winds. The significators in $, out of fixed signs, shew dttbodfctiot to a8teoloot.

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