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Life of William Lilly 1

Epistle to the Student in Astrology 10

Introduction to Astrology ^

Of the Planets ib-

' The Signs of the Zodiac 14

--Northern Signs ib-

-Southern Signs ib*

Diagram of the Sun's Motion in the Zodiac 15

Tropical Signs 16

Equinoctial Signs ib*

Double-bodied Signs ib.

Moveable ditto ib.

Fixed ditto ib.

Fiery ditto ib.

Earthy ditto ib.

Dragon's Head and Tail 16, 52

Figure of the Twelve Rouses 20

Of the Aspects * 24

Orbs of the Planets 25

Of Parallels ib.

Nature and Signification of the Twelve Houses 27

Digitized by UooQie

Of the Fourth House 30

-Fifth ditto ib.

-Sixth ditto 31

-Seventh ditto 31

-Eighth ditto 32

-Eleventh ditto ib.

-Twelfth ditto 34

Of Saturn and his Significations 35

— Jupiter and his Significations 38

— Mars and his Significations 40

— the Sun and his Significations 42

— Venus and her Significations 45

— the Moon and her Significations 50

Colours of the Planets and Signs .. 57

Taurus 58

Cancer ib.

Leo 60

Virgo 61

Libra 62

Scorpio 63

Sagittary 64

Pisces 66

Use to be made of the Twelve Signs 67

Essential Dignities of the Planets 69

Table of ditto 72

Considerations before Judgment 74

Introduction to the Judgment of a Question 75

To know whether a Thing will be brought to perfection, yea or nay. 77

Of the true time of erecting a Figure 80

Of the Planet which hinders or impedites the Thing demanded .. 81


Questions concerning thb First House. If the Querent be likely to live long ? 83

To what part it is best the Querent should direct his affairs .. 86

Whst part of Life is likely to be best? 86

If one shall find the Party at Home he would speak with ? .. 95 A thing suddenly happening, whether it signifies good or evil ? .. 96 What Mark, Mole, or Scar, the Querent has on any part of his Body ? 97

Psrt8 of Man's Body ruled by the Twelve Signs ib.

Whether one absent be dead or alive ? 98

Messure of Time 100

Of a Ship, and her safety or destruction 105

Psrts of a Ship ruled by the Signs 107

A Ship at Sea. In what condition ? Ill

Judgments concerning the Second House 112

Whether the Querent shall be rich ? By what means attain it ? &c. ib.

Signs of Poverty, and its cause 115

If the Querent shall obtain the substance he hath lent, or which he demands? 116

If one shall acquire gain or profit from the Government, or any *

Nobleman or Person of high rank ? Ac. 117

Example.—If the Querent should be rich, or subsist himself without

Marriage ? 119

Op the Third House, viz., of Brethren, Kindred, News, Short

— Reports, News, Rumours, &c., whether true or false ? &c. .. 126

— Counsel or Advic| given by a Neighbour, &c. 127

— Short Journeys, whether good to go or not ? ib.

Or the Fourth House, viz., of Parents, Lands, Tenements, Cities,

To find a Thing hidden or mislaid ib.

Of Buying and Selling Lands, Houses, &c. 136

If it be good to take the House, Farm, &c ..138

Shall the Querent enjoy the estate of his Father ? 140

Of removing from one House or Place to another . 141, 221

— Treasure, Mines, &c. concealed in the Ground .. 142 Question of purchasing Houses 143

Of thb Fifth Hovsb 147

If one shall have Children, yea or nay ? ib.

If a Woman ask whether she may have a Child ? .. ib.

Whether a Man shall have Children by his Wife, or his intended Wife ? 148

Whether a Woman be with Child ? ib.

Is the Child male or female ? 150

Shall the Child live or die ? ib.

Of the Time of the Birth ? 151

— Messengers or Ambassadors ib.

Of the Sixth House, viz. of Sickness, Servants, Small Cattle, &c. 158

What Part of the Body is afflicted ? 159

The cause and nature of the Sickness .. .. 160

Diseases signified by the Houses 164

Signs of a short Disease 161

-long Disease 162

Testimonies of Recovery .. 164

Arguments of Death 165

To know whether the Querent be really ill or not .. 166

Of the Crises, or of critical days 167

How long before Recovery ? 168

Judgments from the Affliction of ]> at the first Illness, &c. .. 169 Table, shewing what part of Man's Body each Planet signifies in the

Twelve Signs 179

Diseases of h 180

The Seventh House, &c 186

Aphorisms and Considerations, for better judging any horary question ib.

Whether a Man shall Marry ? 190

The Time of Marriage ib.

Of Marriage with any particular Person .. .. .. 191

Testimonies that the Marriage shall be hindered .. 192


What shall be the cause of the Marriage being prevented .. .. 192

To describe the person and qualities of the future Wife, &c. - 194

Whether the ftiture Wife, &c. shall be rich or not ? ib.

How the Parties shall agree ? 195

Whether a Lady have a Lover ? &c fr-

--the Child conceived is the child of its reputed father ? . ib.

---a Woman living from her Husband shall return ? .. 201

Of Runaways, Things lost, &c 202

The Place where the Thing lost is

How the Thing was lost 203

Whether the Thing missing be stolen ? 204

The kind of place a Thing lost is in ? 205

Of a Fugitive, and whether he shall be found or returned .. 207

Of Thefts

Whether the Thief be Male or Female ? 210

In what part of a house Things lost or stolen may be 214

Whether the Goods shall be recovered or not ? 216

Of the Thief's Person 217

-Partnership 221

— Removing from place to place 141, 221 Of Lawsuits .. 222

— Making Purchases or Sales 223

Whether the Querent have any Adversaries or open Enemies .. 227

Of the Eighth House, and its Questions 249

Whether an absent Person be dead or alive ? ib.

Of the Death of the Querent 250

Whether the Wife's Fortune will be great ? &c 251

-the Querent shall suffer by a particular thing of which he is in fear ? 252

Of a long Journey, and its Issue 255

— the Return, &c. of a Person who it gone a long- Journey .. .. 256

Whether a Person shall remain in the Office he holds ? .. 270

-a King expelled his Kingdom, &c., shall be restored .. 271

Of the Employment of which any one is capable .. 272

Of the Eleventh House, &c. 276

Whether any one shall have the thing hoped for ? ib.

Of the Sincerity of Friends 277

Of the Twelfth House, &c 278

To know who a private Enemy is ib.

Whether a Person committed to Prison shall be discharged? .. ib.

Whether a Prisoner of War shall escape, &c 279

Figure of the time when King Charles the First set up his Standard at Nottingham 286

Figure of the exact time of the Death of King Charles the first .. 290 Fac-timile of the Hieroglyphic of the Great Plague .. .. 292

-of the Astrological Hieroglyphic of the Great Fire in London 293

Aphorisms by Zadkiel 294

Appendix 295

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