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The Diseases each Planet naturally signifies when it he-comes the afflictor, and is posited in any of the Twelve Signs.

diseases 03? saturn.

^ in T signifies rheum, melancholy, vapours, cold in the head, obstructions, stoppage in the stomach, pains in the teeth, deafness, &c.

^ in 0 signifies swelling in the neck and throat, king's evil, scurvy, hoarseness, melancholy, and chronic distempers about the neck and throat.

f? in n signifies infirmities incident to the arms and shoulders, consumption, black jaundice, and diseases proceeding from bad blood.

in s denotes phthisic, ulcerations in the lungs, obstructions and bruises in the breast, ague, scurvy, cancer, &c.

\ in SI signifies the heart afflicted by grief or poison, consumption of the reins or inward parts, vapours, weakness, and pains in the back, &c.

in lip shews the blood corrupted, obstructions in the bowels, costivene8s, weakness in the thighs,- melancholy, gripings, stone, &c.

fj in shews the blood corrupted, back and kidneys distempered, strangury, consumptive pains in the knees and thighs, sciatica and gout.

F? in n\ denotes swellings or distempers of the secret parts, melancholy, piles, palsy, gout in the hands and feet.

f? in f signifies weakness in the hips and thighs, old aches and bruises in those parts, and sciatica or gout.

J? in Yf denotes the gout in the lower parts, pains and obstructions in the head, ague, &c.

J? in ss signifies disorders in the head and teeth, defects in the ears, pains in the joints, bruises, swellings in the legs, and sometimes a sore throat.

Tj in K gives defluxions of rhenm, king's evil, consumption, all distempers of the feet and toes, such as the gout, and illness by colds.

disea8es 07 jupitbb.

% in T produces distempers in the head, a quinsy or swelling in the throat, chiefly from ill blood in the veins of the head; and causes strange dreams and imaginations.

% in 0 brings distempers in the throat, wind in the blood, gripings in the bowels, and goutish humours in the hands and arms.

% in n.—A pleurisy, or some disorder of the reins. % in s gives the dropsy, the stomach offended, bad appetite, corrupt blood, scurvy, surfeits," &c.

% in SI indicates a fever, pleurisy, the heart ill affected. % in tip indicates a consumption, obstructions of the lungs, melancholy, cold and dry liver.

7/ in shews the patient hath too much blood, whence arise obstructions, corrupt blood, fever, piles, tumours, inflammations, &c.

1/ in 17^ signifies the strangury, piles, the blood discharged with watery humours, whence arise dropsy, &c.

% in } denotes some choleric distemper, arising from putrefaction of the blood; a fever, pains and swellings about the knees, &c.

% in Vf.—The patient is afflicted with melancholy, obstructions in the throat, &c.

% in ts.—The blood abounds too much, whence it is corrupted, and many diseases and flying pains afflict the body. It gives lumbago.

% in K *—The blood is too thin and waterish, which breeds dropsy.

diseases of mars.

(J in r signifies the patient is almost distracted with a violent pain in his head, rheum in the eyes, want of rest, &c.

(J in Q denotes extreme pain in the throat and neck, king's evil, weakness in the loins, and the gravel or stone.

(J in n shews the blood is corrupted; itch, breakings out, surfeit, fever, pains in the arms and shoulders, disorders in the secret parts, strangury, &c.

in s indicates pains in the breast and stomach, a dry cough, or a tumour in the thighs: accidents to the feet.

^in & denotes affliction at the heart, choleric humours, gravel in the kidnies, pain in the knees, &c.

^ in tip signifies choleric humours, obstructions in the bowels, bloody flux, worms in children, humours in the legs.

in produces diseases in the reins and kidnies, stone or gravel, urine hot, lues, &c., as may be suspected.

(J in 1T\_ shews a suspicion of some venereal distemper, or ulcer in the secret parts, pains in the bladder, pains in the head, overflowing of courses, &c.

(J in f produces pain or ulcers in the hips and thighs by humours settled in those parts, and an extreme heat in the mouth and throat.

(J in yf denotes lameness in the knees, hands, or arms, or a flying gout.

(J in a: signifies blood over-heated, pains in the legs, surfeit, or fever.

(J in X gives lameness in the feet, by corrupt humours settled there ; sometimes the heart is afflicted, &c.

diseases of the suit.

© in T produces sore eyes, megrims, head disturbed, fevers, &c.

jnteoducttoir to astbology.

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