Judoment Ok The Above Question

The prisoner's person is described by f, the cusp of the 12th, and by % in The way he went, and intended to go, is here shewn by the cusp of the 12th $, and by where % is, and by the sign and quarter of heaven wherein we find ]).

All of them considered, they signify, unanimously, that the prisoner would go eastward, or full east, (and so he did). The closeness of ]) to the ascendant shewed that he was not yet out of town, or, at least, that he would not be far from town. And as % was in the 8th, I judged that he lay obscure for awhile, viz. a night; but that then he would go away, {which he did).

I confidently affirmed, that he should be taken again by some man of authority; for j) separated from A of ?/, his significator, and applied to g of ©, both in angles. It never fails, but that if the ), or the significator of a fugitive, be afflicted by an unfortunate planet in the 7th house, that fugitive, or prisoner, is again taken. In the next place, I found % and 5 in $ in his own house, and applying to % ; therefore I judged that the querent should have news of the prisoner by letter, or by some young man, within six or seven days, or when the significators came to aspect; which was six days afterwards. The truth is, that on the next Friday he had a letter to tell where he was, and on the Sunday he apprehended him by authority.

Question.—A Lady asks when her Husband, who is imprisoned, shall be delivered ?

Judgment.—The lady's husband is signified by % lord of the 7th; he is in 35 retrograde, and had the day before been in A to 0. The ) applies to of Tj retrograde, then to A of If, with a most forcible reception. From hence I made not many words, but told the lady she need not trouble herself to make friends to apply to his majesty, for that I was

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