2d Quebt.—How long ere she should be delivered t The sign of the 5th is moveable; so is T, wherein both the lords of the 1st and 5th are situated. These argued but a short time; but as f?, lord of the 5th, is a ponderous planet, and was slow in motion, I considered him much in this query; and also J, because she was situated in the 5th.

I took the distance between f? in r 24° 37'

Difference 14 47 Also between h and £ :

Difference 13 37

Funding only one degree and ten minutes between the aspect of the ]) and ^» and that of $ and , I gave for every degree one week, and so judged that, about fourteen weeks from the time of the question, she should be delivered.

The birth took place on the 11th July following, when $ transited the degree ascending, and $ the of }, viz. s 9°. The © also was that day in s 27° 48', the perfect □ to his own place in the figure, and ]) in d with $ in 25. The time was thirteen weeks and four days after the question.

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