If d be significator, the querent is in danger by fire, lightning, or infectious fevers; it has been said in this case, with great truth, "he has the favour of kings and princes," and it may be their frowns too, to his utter undoing; he may rise hastily, but, perhaps, to a precipice.

If O be significator, the querent is brave, but headstrong and violent; he will probably attain some considerable rank in the army or navy ; hut he will be frequently wounded, and most probably die in battle, or be killeft by some accident, or fall a victim to some contagious fever.

If $ be significator, the querent is kind and gentle upon the whole, though at times rather hasty; he is moderately fortunate, extremely fond of women, and not always very particular as to their respectability.

If ? be significator, he is wicked and debauched, a companion of prostitutes, from whom he generally receives great injury; a drunkard, frequently brawling in taverns or low public-houses; though he may sometimes meet with good fortune, he will quickly dissipate whatever property he may possess in the company of the most worthless of mankind.

If $ be significator, it represents the querent as possessed of considerable ability, a skilful mechanic, or a good mathematician ; one of an acute sarcastic wit; if he be in the army or navy, for which he is well qualified, he obtains great reputation for his bravery, and is distinguished still more for the policy of his measures. He is never very scrupulous as to the means he employs; and will pay but little respect to the persons or possessions of others, when he can gain any advantage by sacrificing them to his own interest.

If $ be significator, he makes a cheat or swindler, a thief, robber, or treacherous miscreant; a frequenter of gaminghouses, rash, furious, and blood-thirsty.

N.B.—Any evil aspect of J? increases these evils, and a good aspect of 0, or ?, will much diminish them.

If (J be significator, it shews one of an unsettled life and temper, and a favourite of females; he is frequently a wandering adventurer, more remarkable for the variety of his fortune than his success or abilities. He is likely to die in a strange country.

If )) be significator, he is a bold, enterprising character; frequently in great danger of a violent death, quarrelsome, and given to duelling, &c. He may be a good surgeon or soldier; and is seldom noted for much humanity. If a female, she is extremely likely to be seduced.

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