hinder part, or not visible. If few degrees are on the cusp of the house, or the planet signifying the mole, &c. be in few degrees of the sign, the mark, mole, &c., will be in the upper part of the member. If they be in the middle of the sign, it will be in the middle of the member or part ruled by the sign. But if the latter degrees ascend, or are on the 6th, or their lords, or ]) be in the latter degrees of a sign, then will the mark, mole, or scar be near the lower part of the member. If your question be radical, and the time rightly taken, the above rules will always exactly hold good. And so will they (mutatis mutandis) upon the body of the quesited; for if a person inquire concerning his wife, then the sign on the 7th and its lord will shew the woman's marks ; and the sign on the 12th, (the 6th from the 7th), and its lord will shew two other marks.

Many times if the ]) be in tf or g ©, the querent , has some blemish in or near his eyes: and this is ever true, if the (j or g be in angles, and ]) or © be afflicted by Mars.*

Whether one absent be dead or alive?

If the quesited have no relation to the querent, then the

* If Tf. give the mark, it wfll be bluish or purple j $ gives it yeUow; $ a pale lead colour; 0 olive or chesnut; and ]) a whitish hue, or partly of the colour of the planets she aspects. The infortunes ^ and <?, especially when together, or in exact aspect, mark according to their position. If they be in the ascendant, a mole, &c. will be in the face > if in the 2d, on the neck; in the 3d, on the arms, &c.

And all these rules apply to the figure of birth, as well as horary figures; but defects, such as protrusion of the breast bone, or a humped back, &c. (to persons born with 25 or & rising), may sometimes be found in lieu of moles or scars. For example, her present majesty, having fj in x, which rules the feet, and situated near the cusp of the 12th houset at her birth, she has a weakness in her feet. Had one testimony only existed, and been in x elsewhere, she would have merely had a mole on her foot.

ascendant, its lord, and ]) shall signify the absent person.* But if the party inquired after be a relation, then take the house and its lord which signifies that relation ; as the 3d for a brother or sister, fhe 4th for a father, the 6th for a paternal uncle or aunt, the 10th for a mother, &c.

In judging this question, see whether the quesited's lord of the 1st and 8th be joined corporally together in the 8th, or be in £ from the 6th or 8th. These are tokens of his being sick or near to death. See if there be any translation of light between the lord of his ascendant and the 8th, or if the lord of the 8th being in his ascendant, the lord of his ascendant be also in the 8th; or the lord of the 8th in the 4th, and the lord of the 4th in the 8th; these are all tokens that the party is dead; especially if his significator be much afflicted by ill aspects, and the evil planets be angular, and the good ones cadent.

If the lord of his ascendant be separating from ill aspect of the lord of the 6 th, the absent party has been lately sick ; if from the lord of the 8th, he has been near death, but is not dead, without other striking testimonies, as above, concur. If from the lord of the 12th, he has been troubled with anxiety about arrests or fear of imprisonment; and if his significator be in the 12th, he is in much trouble by means of a private enemy; and if in a fixed sign, and other testimonies of trouble agree, he is in prison. If he separate from the lord of the 2d by ill aspect, he is now suffering by want of money. If from the lord of the 7th, he has had some quarrel or contention. If the 9th, trouble on journeys or by law, &c.; and so of the other houses. I have ever found that if the lord of his ascendant be in the 9th, 10th, or 11th, though re

* We should always take the ascendant, &c. for the querent, and the 7th and its lord for the quesited. But if the figure be erected by an artist at his own suggestion, let the ascendant, &c. shew the absent person.

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