If 11 be significator, it causes beauty, love, riches, and real goodness of heart: this is the most fortunate aspect that can be formed.

If $ be significator, the person is virtuous, amiable, of a noble disposition, incapable of fraud or malice.

If % be significator, it gives great learning, sound judgment, and excellent abilities.

If J be significator, he possesses solid sense, an open, generous disposition, and real good fortune.

If 11 be significator, it makes a man very fortunate, beloved by females, and much respected by the poorer classes of society.

If ]) be significator, he is just and charitable, sincere in his friendships, and generous to the fall extent of his means.

If be significator, it gives a very noble disposition, and great mind ; it causes one to rise rapidly in the army; he is uncommonly successful in war, and will gain much by the patronage of men in power.

If 0 be significator, it confers great bravery, and a high spirit; he rises to grandeur by means of his courage and invincible military talents.

If £ be significator, it causes lewdness and dissipation; his disposition is not radically bad, but he is extremely thoughtless and improvident; he may gain by females, for he seems to possess a fascinating influence, which he never fails to exert to the utmost with the female sex.

If $ be significator, he is handsome, but proud, rash, and inconsiderate; and neither remarkable for prudence nor principle.

If be significator, this aspect gives great acuteness, penetration, and learning; the querent, however, is crafty, rather hasty, and extremely confident.

If § be significator, he possesses great courage, is very ingenious in any mechanical trade, a good engraver or mathematician, and will succeed in any thing that requires presence of mind, acuteness, and ready wit.

If ^ receive any aspect of IJI, he is extremely fitted to become a good astrologer, especially if J assist £ .

If d be significator, it makes one restless and changeable, servile and talkative; he travels much, and receives much assistance from females.

If ]) be significator, he is very passionate and changeable, with a high spirit and good abilities.

If © be significator, it confers riches and honour; the querent is fortunate with women, and is much respected by the multitude.

If ]) be significator, he is proud and aspiring; he is generally successful, but his fortune is not permanent, unless both © and J) be in fixed signs.

If ? be significator, this aspect gives ingenuity, subtlety, and good nature.

If 9 be significator, the querent possesses a refined and accomplished mind; he is neat in his person, and elegant in his manners ,* a lover of music and the fine arts in general.

If ? be significator, it is a very fortunate aspect; it shews a person who is much assisted by female Mends; and one who, though unstable, often obtains considerable property.

If ]) be significator, the querent is gentle, obliging, amiable, and genteel in his manners, and is much admired by females; whose condition in life depends on the strength or debility of ?.

If $ be significator, the person signified is witty, ingenious, subtle, easily learning any thing to which he applies, and frequently acquiring many sciences without any assistance. He is somewhat reserved, and a little melancholy, but, from his extensive knowledge, he is always a useful and sometimes a pleasant companion.

If ]) be significator, this is the most favourable aspect for learning or scientific speculation.


If J? be significator, it shews much trouble by lawyers or the clergy.

If If be significator, he is always wretched and miserable, idle, unfortunate, and beggarly.

If V} be significator, it is the aspect of cruelty and murder, and the person so signified is extremely unfortunate; he generally lives a most dejected life, and dies a violent death.

If (J be significator, the person shewn by him is very malicious, treacherous, and blood-thirsty; one delighting in the most evil deeds, yet very cowardly, sly, and much addicted to suicide and secret revenge ; of a cruel complexion : in short, such a character as Don Miguel of Portugal.

If >2 he significator, it is the aspect of infamy and contempt ; the person is prodigal, ambitious, overbearing, hating control, very disagreeable in his manners, extremely unfortunate, subject to the frowns of persons in power, and often meets a violent death.

If O be significator, the person is cowardly, spiteful, treacherous, malicious, unfeeling, covetous, repining, always despising any thing of kindness and humanity; one who generally leads a life of wretchedness, and frequently meets with a bad end, and sometimes dies in prison.

If f? be significator, it shews dissipation, and the person leads a most detestable life, connected with the lowest order of prostitutes, by whom he is eventually brought to ruin and disgrace.

If $ be significator, the person is generally of an evil complexion, and not very handsome; very sly, artful, full of mischief, and much addicted to dissipation, though not suspected; mostly unfortunate.

If F? be significator, it indicates a thief, cheat, or swindler; a low, cunning fellow, sly, envious, treacherous, and malicious, one who is always planning some scheme to deceive his most intimate Mends; generally forming a bad opinion of every one, and not at all particular as to speaking the truth.

If $ be significator, the person is very artful, always involved in strife and contention, and much given to vilify the character of others, by whom he is tormented with lawsuits ; it also indicates pettifogging attornies, who very seldom act honestly towards their clients.

If J? be significator, it shews a wandering, unsettled and changeable person, not of a genteel form, but one who is down-looking, and inclined to stoop forward; always very fretful, and appearing full of trouble; not a good disposition, nor to be depended on. He seldom attains any high situation, but, if he does, he soon falls into disgrace again.

If }) be significator, (which in some measure she always is of the querent), the person is extremely unfortunate, always in trouble with the lower order of mankind, from whom he receives many injuries; he is mean, cowardly, and very dejected ; is rather unhealthy, seldom living a long life, and generally dying a miserable death.

If y. be significator, it denotes violence, ingratitude, a furious temper, and danger of death by malignant fevers.

If <J be significator, it shews pride, ingratitude, insolence, and the hatred of the clergy on account of theological opinions.

If If be significator, it gives arrogance, prodigality, and much vanity, with a great desire to be distinguished, which is but very rarely gratified.

If O be significator, the person represented wastes his property by riotous living and all kinds of extravagance.

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