ported dead, he was alive. If you find him alive, and would know when you will hear from or see him, observe, in the Ephemeris when the lord of the querent's 11th and the quesited's ascendant come to ^f or A aspect: about that time news of him will arrive. If the ]) apply to or A of his significator, then allow a day, week, or month, for each degree she be distant, according as the significators may be placed in angles, succeedent or cadent houses, and the signs be moveable, common, or fixed.*

* The most difficult thing in all questions is to judge of time with accuracy. I should advise the young student to be cautious of giving any judgment on this head, unless where it is the chief point desired to be known. In this case, and if the figure be very radical, and if the planet which it applying to the other be taken, the following rule will hold good:— Each Degree give»

In Moveable Signs and Angles DAYS.

In Common Signs and Angles WEEKS.

In Fixed Signs and Angles MONTHS.

Succeedent homes give weeks, months, and years, as the sign is moveable, common, or fixed; and cadent houses give months in moveable signs, jfeart in common, and an indefinite time in fixed signs.—Zad.

The above Figure was for Resolution of the following Queries.

1st. If a Party might be found at Home ?

2d. A Thing suddenly happening, whether Good or III is about to follow ? 3d. What Moles or Marks the Querent has ? 4th. If one absent be dead or alive ?

1st Query.—A Woman demanded whether her Son was with his Master at her own House ?

In this figure, ? lady of the ascendant denotes the querent. The 5th house is that of children, and describes the matter inquired of. I found 11, lord of the 5th, youth's sig-nificator, in the east angle; one argument that the party was at home at his mother's house. The )) was applying to -)£• of >2 lord of the 4th, the significator of the querent's dwelling : I judged that she would find him there at her coming home: which she did. Now, had I found !{., lord of the 5th, in the 10th, which house signifies the master; or had ]) separated from 1/, the youth's significator, and then applied to 0, the ]) being in an angle, I would have judged him at his master's house. I considered further, that the 25th of July following at 2 p.m., the significators of the mother and son (1/ and ?) came to A aspect; and therefore I judged that she should see him at that time : which she did. For usually about that day when the significators come to or A aspect (which may be seen in the Ephemeris)t it is very probable that news of, or a letter from, the quesited will arrive, if the distance will permit. But if the querent and quesited be not far asunder, without question they meet on that very day.

Had the party inquired for been a stranger, he would have been denoted by <J lord of the 7th; and being in the 2d, a succeedent house, I should have said he is not at home, but yet not far from home. And as the sign $ is eastern, and the 2d house is north east, I should judge him in that direction ; and as f governs fields, hills, or high grounds, I should direct a messenger, if sent for him, to go in that direction, and look for him in such places ; but if it were in a town, as f governs stables, fire-places, &c., I should cause him to be sought near a stable, smith's or butcher's shop, &c., as ^ delights in such places.

2d Quest.—A Thing suddenly happening, whether Good or III is about to follow ?

The © is here lord of the sign he is in ; 1/ is lord of K, where J) is; ? is lady of the ascendant, and is casting a A to the ascendant, and is in A to %, and he in the ascendant; from all which we might safely have judged, had this been the time of a sudden accident, or thing done, that it could not have redounded to the querent's injury. But had ? been nearer to £ of (J, he being in the 2d, I should have judged that the querent would have received some loss of money shortly, and so of the rest.*

3d Query.—What Moles or Marks the Querent has ?

I find 25° of ascending and 1/. in the ascendant, which signifies the face. This querent had a wart or mole on the right side of her face, near her mouth; for 11 and are masculine. And as the latter degrees of ascend, so the querent confessed a mole on the lower part of her reins towards the haunches. T being the sign of the 6th, shewed she had one on the forehead, near the hair, for the cusp of the house is but 4 degrees. $ lord of the 6th, being in / a masculine sign and under the earth, shewed a mole on the right thigh, towards the middle of it, on the back part, or

* We consider that our author has been rather brief on this point, for numerous occasions occur where the mind is desirous of knowing the result when events happen. If $ had been within orbs of $ opposition, that is, half the distance of their united orbs, or 7°; we should have judged loss of money by a party shewn by ?, and her situation considered with the houses she governs. As, for example, $ ruling the 12th, some private female enemy, among the relations of the wife or husband; becauseis in the 3d from the 7th house. And as is g to 0, we should predict a loss by a servant (since <? rules the 6th); and as 0 is in the 8th, it might be by one who comes to char or go messages ; if 0 had been in a watery sign, a washerwoman. But the general testimonies being good, we should say the evil will be but trifling. Experience will teach the student these points.

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