Explanation Of The Hieroglyphics

The first of these curious cuts, which have been exactly copied from our author's tract, entitled " Monarchy or no Monarchy in England," is intended to represent a great mortality, in which the vast number of deaths should so far exceed the supply of coffins, that the dead must needs be buried in their shrouds, or merely stitched up in sheets, &c., as therein rudely represented.—The second cut is an Astrological Hieroglyphic, as may be understood by the horoscope being introduced therein; and the two children or twins are intended to represent the sign Gemini, which, in astrology, is known to rule London; and the twins are, therefore, intended to denote that city. Their falling headlong into the fire, describes the extensive injury to be done to London by that element fifteen years afterwards. The manner in which this was foreseen by the author has been explained in our remarks on his life.

These two Hieroglyphics, even if there had been only these, whereas there were several other» equally pointing out future events, published with them, would ever remain undeniable monuments of our author's skill, and of the substantial truth of the science of astrology.

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