Sickness.—All vertigos, lethargies, or giddiness in the head; madness, either lightness or any disease of the brain; phthisic; all stammering and imperfection in the tongue, vain and fond imaginations, all defects in the memory, hoarseness, dry coughs, too great abundance of spittle, all snaffling and snuffling in the head or nose; the hand and feet gout, dumbness, foul or diseased tongue ; all evils in the fancy and intellectual parts.

Years.—His greatest years are 450, his greater 76, his mean 48, his little or least 20.

Countries.—He has Grecia, Flanders, Egypt. Of towns, Paris.

p the moon, heb pbopebties amd significations.

Name.—The Moon we find called by the ancients Lucina, Cynthia, Diana, Phoebe, Latona, Noctiluca, Proserpina ;* she is nearest to the earth of all the planets.

Motion.—She terminates her course through the whole twelve signs in 27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes, 5 seconds ; her mean motion is 13 degrees, 10 minutes, and 36 seconds; but she moves sometimes less and sometimes more, never exceeding 15 degrees and 12 minutes in 24 hours' time.

Latitude.—Her greatest north latitude is 5 degrees and 17 minutes. Her greatest south latitude 5 degrees and 12 minutes. She is never retrograde ; but when she is slow in motion, and goes less in 24 hours than 13 degrees and 11 minutes; she is then equivalent to a retrograde planet.

* These names prove the various mythological fables to have had their origin in the ancient astrology of the Egyptians.

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