The Eleventh House.

It does naturally represent friends and friendship, hope, trust, confidence, the praise or dispraise of any one ; the fidelity or falseness of friends. As to kings, it personates their favourites, counsellors, servants, their associates or allies; their money, exchequer or treasure ; in war, ammunition and soldiery, it represents courtiers, &c. In a commonwealth, governed by a few of the nobles and commons, it personates their assistance in council; as, in London, the tenth house represents the lord mayor; the eleventh, the common council, the ascendant the generality of the commoners of the said city. Of members, it rules the legs to the ancles; of colours, saffron or yellow. It has © and cs for consignificators : % especially rejoices in this house. It is a succeedent house, and masculine, and in virtue is nearly equivalent either to the seventh or fourth house.

The Twelfth House.

It has signification of private enemies, great cattle, or horses, oxen, elephants, &c.; sorrow, tribulation, imprisonment, all manner of affliction, self-undoing, &c.; and of such men as maliciously undermine their neighbours, or inform secretly against them. It has consignificators X and $ . Saturn does much delight in that house, for he is naturally the author of mischief. It rules, in man's body, the feet. In colour it represents the green. It is a cadent house, and feminine.

This is the true character of the several houses, according to the Ptolomeian doctrine, and the experience I have had myself for many years. I must confess the Arabians have made several other divisions of the houses ; but I could never, in my practice, find any verity in them; therefore I will say nothing of them.

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