If © be significator, it denotes one of soft and effeminate manners, a pleasing address, a great admirer of the ladies. He is too much given to extravagance and dissipation.

If ? be significator, he is of short life, unfortunate, and oppressed; too sickly to make much exertion; very proud and extravagant.

If © be significator, it gives some ingenuity, but not much sound judgment.

If 5 be significator, he represents a person of mean and shallow abilities; one addicted to fraud and deception; incapable of learning anything which requires memory or judgment, and extremely superstitious. He may succeed well in trade or business, but for study he is wholly unqualified.

If 0 be significator, it represents a restless and changeable person, who aims at great things, but seldom accomplishes them.

If J be significator, the querent is extremely unfortunate, and generally sickly and unhappy, dejected, and oppressed by men in power. He is rash and violent, subject to burns and scalds, and has frequently some defect in the eyes; and if the cS happen near the Hyades, Pleiades, or Prcespe, he is likely to be nearly blind. If the J be applying, he is in danger of death, especially if it happen in the 8th house, or © be lord of the 8th; but if ]) be separating, the danger is not so great.

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