Chapter Y

the qualities of the aspects.

The BENiJfe Aspects are the semi-sextile, the sextile, the quintile, the trine, and the biquintile. When planets are found situated at these distances from each other, they operate beneficially for the native ; and if the aspect be not yet complete at birth, but may be wanting a few degrees, then the effect is less powerful ; but it will be found to take effect at that period of life when it becomes complete, which will be explained under the head "Directions." If the aspect be past, the planet which, by its more speedy motion, is separating from the other, will still retain the effect of the aspect until it has separated several degrees.

The Malefic Aspects are the semi-quartile or semi-square, the square, the sesquiquadrate, and the opposition. When planets are found at the distances which constitute these aspects, they act evilly for the native. The same observations hold good with regard to the approaching and separating as are made in the last paragraph.

Observe.—The more perfect or exact is the aspect, the more powerful will be the effect, whether good or evil.

The Conjunction.—This is when two planets are in the same degree and minute of any sign. If either of the lights (the Sun and Moon) be in conjunction with an evil planet, it injures the native's constitution; and if an evil planet be conjoined with the Hyleg, the native will be very liable to illness all through Hfe.

If the Hyleg be conjoined with Jupiter or Venus, the constitution is strengthened thereby; but, if it be the Sun which is Hyleg, his conjunction with the benefic destroys its power to do good in a great measure, and its favourable aspects to the Moon, mid-heaven, ascendant, or part of Fortune, are of less avail.

The Semisextile.—This aspect is the weakest of all; it is of no importance in directions; but if, at birth, the Hyleg have an exact semi-sextile to a benefic, the hjplth will be benefitted.

The Semi-quartile.—This, whether found at birth or formed by directional motion, is evil; but if the aspect be between the Hyleg and Jupiter, it rather strengthens the constitution.

The Sextile.—This is a powerful and benefic aspect.

The Quintile.—This is benefic, but if to the evil planets is of no avail, as it is much less powerful than the sextile.

The Square or Quartile.—This is a very powerful and evil aspect; and if the planet casting it be Saturn, and he in the 10th house, and the planet receiving it be the Hyleg, the native will always be ailing, unless very powerful aspects counteract; and even then the native will suffer greatly from ill health, especially if Saturn's nature be rendered more evil by ill aspects to Herschel or Mars.

The Trine.—This is the most powerful of the good aspects.

The Sesquiquadrate.—This is just like the semi-quartile.

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