Chapter Xxyi

op the third house, viz. op brethren, sisters, kindred, news, short journeys, etc.

The chief, but not the only, questions regarding this house are those concerning brethren, cousins, or neighbours, and short journeys.

Query.—Shall the Querent agree well with his Brother or Neighbour ?

The querent has the usual significators; the quesited is shewn by the lord of the 3d, the cusp of the 3d, and the planets therein. If the lord of the 3d be a benevolent planet, or be in the ascendant, or there be a fortune in the 3d, or the respective lords be in good aspect or mutual reception, or the lord of the ascendant throw a good aspect to the cusp of the 3d, no doubt unity will endure between the parties. If the evil planets, or 8, be found in the 3d, unless very well dignified and aspected, it denotes discord, and the querent may expect little good from the quesited. If there be evil aspects between their significators, the same judgment holds; and if the significators are afflicted by being peregrine, retrograde, or combust, it shews hatred or untoward conduct.

* The description of Q in ft, would herein answer the exact kind of persons who might injure the querent's property.

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