Chapter Xxxv

op the twelfth house, and its questions, viz. of imprisonment, great cattle, private enemies, banished men, &c.

If a question be asked regarding secret enemies, who are not named, observe the lord of the 12th, and planets therein, how they aspect the lord of the ascendant, and from what houses, &c. If the lord of the 12th behold the lord of the ascendant from the 6th, 8th, or 12th, or from the 4 th, 7th, or 10th, then there are some who privately wish ill to the querent.

To know who a private Enemy is.

Observe how the lord of the 12th is affected, and whether he be with good or evil planets, and how he behold the lord of the ascendant. If he be in the 6th, or joined to its lord, it shews the secret enemy is afflicted with some secret disease or malady; if the lord of the 6th be in the 12th, he is also sickly. If the lord of the 12th be in the 10th, or with its lord, he is in favour with the king or some person of rank; and if he be strong, it will not be well for the querent to meddle with him, especially if he aspeet the lord of the ascendant or ]) by □ or g. If the lord of the 12th be with the lord of the 4th or 8th, or in those houses, he is siekly or near dying, or is repining, and very miserable. Consider and judge farther, as in former cases directed.

Whether a Person committed to Prison shall be discharged ?

First learn your ascendant exactly, by knowing what relation the quesited bears to the querent. If ]) be swift in motion, it denotes a short stay in prison; if she aspect a


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