judgments concerning the second house.

Whether the Querent shall be rich ? or have a competent Fortune P By what Means attain it ? The time when ? and if it shall continue ?

Whoever interrogates, the lord of the ascendant and the D are invariably his significators.

Consider the sign on the 2d, its lord, and the planets therein, or aspecting the cusp or its lord ; also the ©.

If you find the planets all angular or even succeedent, if direct and swift in motion, it is a good sign. If in good houses, direct, and moderately well dignified, it is also a good sign. Those two rules are general.

If the lord of the 1st, the J , and lord of the 2d, be joined together, or if they have good aspect to the lord of the 2d, or utteootctiow to astboloot.

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