Chapter Xxix

07 the sixth house.

Viz. Sickness, Servants, Small Cattle, fyc.

In the first place, we ought to take the figure for the exact moment of the person falling sick, or rather of being obliged to take to his bed.*

Secondly, if that cannot be had, accept of that time when first any person spoke to a physician, &c. regarding the patient. And if it was with his consent, the ascendant will signify him; but if unknown to him, the ascendant will denote the querent; and the house describing his relation to the person speaking of the sickness will describe the patient. (This is, supposing the physician to be an astrologer, which they formerly were; but if the patient's friend speak to an astrologer, the same rule holds.)

Thirdly, or let the physician note the time of his own first

* If the illneaa be produced by an accident, then take the time at which it occurred.

speaking with the patient,* and let a figure be erected for that moment.

Then consider carefully, first, the ascendant and planets therein; secondly, the 6th house, and planets therein; thirdly, the sign and house wherein the Moon is; fourthly, how she is affected or afflicted, by what planet, in what house that planet is, and of what house he is lord.

What Part of the Body is afflicted ?

If the ascendant be afflicted by an evil planet, and he retrograde, combust, peregrine, slow in motion, or in □ or g to the lord of the 4th, 6th, 8th, or 12th, the disease is then in the head\ or in that part or parts of the body which the planet or planets signify in the sign then ascending.

For example; if s ascend, and f? therein, the sick party is afflicted in the head, because the ascendant signifies the head; and also has some disorder in the bowels, reins, or secrets, because ^ in 55 signifies those parts; or else With some rotten cough, as T? denotes coughs, and s rules the breast. If the lord of the ascendant, J, or lord of the 6th, be in a. sign signifying the same member or parts as F?, or if the sign on the 6th represent the same, your judgment will be more certain; I may say, infallible.f

I also would observe, in like manner, the 6th house, its

* Our author adds, " or when first the urine was brought to him." This makes it evident that the water doctors, as they were termed, even until a very recent period, had recourse to astrology to ascertain the nature and result of their patients' diseases. We are quite sure, from long experience, that these may be accurately learned by the science; and we believe that many medical men call it to their aid even now. The day is coming when this will be generally the case.

t In all cases where the D is afflicted by either Tj or , we should regard the rules for that situation as of the chief importance; we have never known them fail.

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