Chapter Xxiii

If one shall find the Party at Home he would speak with ?

Thi ascendant and its lord are for the querent, the 7th and its lord for him you would speak with ; but if it be with any relation, take the house signifying that relation and its lord; as, for the father the 4th, for a child the 5th, and for an intimate friend the 11th; if the lord of the 7th, or quesi-ted's significator, be in any of the four angles, the party is at borne; but if he be in a succeedent house, he is not far from home; but if in a cadent house, then he is far from home.

If you find the lord of the ascendant apply to the quesited's perfect aspect the same day you intend to visit him, you may be assured either to meet him going to his house, or hear of him by the way; or, if any planet separate from the lord of the quesited's house, and transfer his light to the lord of the ascendant, you will learn where he is by a person signified by

* I should say also, by h being in the 4th house and retrograde, for such a position ever denoteĀ» a final catastrophe

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