Chapter Xiii

anotheb brief description of the shapes and forms of the planets.

Herschel.—This is the most distant planet from the Sun ; his motion is very slow, as he takes 83 years 151 days to go through the twelve signs. The nature of is extremely evil. If he ascend or be with the chief significator in any figure, he denotes an eccentric person, far from fortunate, always abrapt, and often violent in his manners. If well aspected, he gives sudden and unexpected benefits; and if afflicted, he will cause remarkable and unlooked-for losses and misfortunes. He is not so powerful as Saturn or Mars, yet can do much evil. Persons under his influence are partial to antiquity, astrology, &c., and all uncommon studies, especially if Mercury and the Moon be in aspect to him. They are likely to strike out novelties, and to be remarkable for an inventive faculty. They are generally unfortunate in marriage, especially if he afflict ?, the }), or the seventh house, either in nativities or questions.

Saturn—Signifies one of a swarthy colour, palish like lead, or of a black earthly brown; one of rough skin, thick and very hairy on the body, small eyes; many times his complexion is between black and yellow, or as if he had an affection of the black or yellow jaundice; he is lean, crooked, or beetle-browed; a thin weak beard; great lips, like negroes ; he looks to the ground,* is slow in motion, either is bow-legged or hits one leg or knee against another; most part a disagreeable breath, seldom free from a cough; he is crafty for his own interest, seducing people to his opinion; full of revenge and malice, little caring for religion; is a foul, nasty, slovenly knave, or a harlot, a great eater and glutton, a brawling fellow ; has broad, great shoulders ; is covetous, and yet seldom rich, &c.f

Jupiter.—We must describe % and a jovialist to be one of a comely stature, full-faced, full-eyed, a sanguine complexion, or mixture of white and red; a large space between his eyebrows ; usually his beard is of a flaxen or sandy-flaxen colour; sometimes also, when % is combust, very sad or black; his hair thick, his eyes not black; good broad, well-set teeth, but usually some mark of difference in the two fore teeth, either by their standing awry, or some blackness or imperfection in them; his hair gently curls (if he be in a fiery sign) ; a man well spoken, religious, or at least a good moral honest man; a person comely, and somewhat fat (if % be in moist signs), fleshy; if in airy signs, large and strong; if in earthly signs, a man usually well descended; but if he be * significator, if an ordinary clown, as sometimes he may be, then is he of more humanity than usual in such kind of men.

* This downward look, keeping the eyes on the earth, is one of the most remarkable circumstances in the character of the persons described by Saturn, or who have him in the ascendant at birth.

f These evil qualities when Saturn is weak and afflicted.

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