to erect a figure of the heavens at birth.

This is merely to draw a map of the heavens as they may appear at the moment a child was born; and according to

376 a&am}£ab of astrology.

the situation of the signs of the zodiac, the Sun, Moon, and other heavenly bodies, will be the destiny of the native or child then born, unless by care and prudence any portion of that destiny, being foreseen, may be avoided.

Draw a circle to represent the heavens ; within which draw a second and smaller circle, to represent the Earth. Then draw a straight line through the outer circle (as in jig. 1) to j represent the horizon; E being the east, where the Sun rises, and W the west, where the Sun sets. Then draw another line at right angles from the first, to represent the meridian ; S being the south, where the Sun is at noon, and N the north, where the Sun is at midnight. These four points are the angles, or cusps, or beginnings of the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses ; which are of most consequence in every figure of birth or nativity. Proceed to divide each of the four quadrants of the figure into three parts, by drawing four other lines, which are represented by the dotted lines in the plate. You will then have the twelve houses ready for representing the planets and signs as they may happen to be situated.

to insert the signs of the zodlalc.

1st. Look in my Almanac (or, if previous to 1839, in White's Ephemeris) for the degree and minute of longitude the Sun was in at the noon preceding the time of birth; and then find, in the table of A. R., what degree and minute that answers to; note this down. Then take the mean or clock time of the birth after the last noon, and turn it into degrees and minutes by multiplying it by 15 ; add these sums together, and add to them the correction for the difference between mean and sidereal time (this for 1 hour is 9.86 sec., and for a minute is 0.16 sec.), and the amount will be the degree of right ascension on the meridian at the moment of birth.

grammar 07 astrology.

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