Chapter Iv

0? the twelye houses, their nature and signification.

As before we have said there are twelve signs, and also twelve houses of heaven ; so now we are come to relate the nature of these twelve houses, the exact knowledge of which is so requisite, that he who learns the nature of the planets and signs without exact judgment of the houses, is like an improvident man, that furnishes himself with a variety of household stuff, having no place wherein to bestow them. There is nothing appertaining to the life of man in this world which, in one way or other, hath no relation to one of the twelve houses of heaven; and as the twelve signs are appropriate to the particular members of man's body, so also do the twelve houses represent, not only the several parts of man, but his actions, quality of life, and living. And the curiosity and judgment of our forefathers in astrology was such, that they have allotted to every house a particular signification ; and so distinguished human accidents* throughout the whole twelve houses. He that understands the questions appertaining to each of them, shall not want sufficient grounds whereon to judge or give a rational answer upon any contingent accident, and success thereof.

Of the First House, and its Signification.^

The first house contains all that part of heaven from the line where the figure 1 stands unto the figure 2, where the second house begins : it is one-third of the distance between the horizon and meridian below the earth. It has significa-

* The term accidents here signifies the events of life generally.

tion of the life of man, of the stature, colour, complexion, form, and shape of him that propounds the question, or is born; in eclipses and great conjunctions, and upon the Son his annual ingress into T; it signifies the common people, or general state of that kingdom where the figure is erected. And as it is the first house, it represents the head and face of man; so that if either T? or £ be in this house, either at the time of a question or at the time of birth, you may observe some blemish in the face,* or in that member appropriated to the sign that is then upon the cusp of the house ; as, if T be in the ascendant, the mark, mole, or scar is, without fail, in the head or face; and if few degrees of the sign ascend, the mark is in the upper part of the head; if the middle of the sign be on the cusp, the mole, mark, or scar is in the middle of the face, or near it; if the latter degrees ascend, the face is blemished near the chin, towards the neck; this I have found true in hundreds of examples. Of colours, it hath the white; that is, if a planet be in this house that has signification of white, the complexion of the party is more pale or wan; or, if you inquire after the colour of the clothes of any man, if his significator be in the first house, and in a sign corresponding, the party's apparel is white or grey, or somewhat near that colour : so also if the question be regarding cattle, when their significators are found in this house, it denotes them to be of that colour, or near it: the house is masculine. The consignificators of this house are T and : for as this house is the first house, so is T the first sign, and the first of the planets; and therefore, when is but moderately well fortified in this house, and in any benevolent aspect of 7/, ?, ©, or )), it promises a good sober constitution of body, and usually long life; $ doth also joy in this

* This is verified in the nativity of Lord Brougham, who was born with \ ascending in m ; he has a very great natural defect in the face, a nervous catching of the muscles of the mouth, &c.

house, because it represents the head, and he the tongue, fancy, and memory; when he is well dignified and posited in this house, he produces good orators ; * it is called the Ascendant, because when the © and planets come to the cusp of this house, they ascend, or then arise, and are visible in our horizon.

Questions concerning the Second House.

From this house is required judgment concerning the estate or fortune of him that asks the question, of his wealth of property, of all moveable goods, money lent, of profit or gain, loss or damage; in suits of law, it signifies a man's friends or assistants; in private duels, the querent's second; in an eclipse or great conjunction, the poverty or wealth of the people: in the Sun his entrance into T, it represents the ammunition, allies, and support the commonwealth shall have; it imports their magazines. It represents, in man, the neck and hinder part of it towards the shoulders; of colours, the green. It is a feminine house, and succeedent.

It has consignificators, % and Q; for if 7/ be placed in this house, or be lord hereof, it is an argument of an estate or fortune; © and are never well placed in this house ; either of them shew dispersion of substance, according to the capacity and quality of him that is either born or asks the question .f

The Thibd House

Has signification of brethren, sisters, cousins, or kindred, neighbours, small journeys, or inland journeys, often removing from one place to another; epistles, letters, rumours, messengers : it rules the shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers.

* Lord Brougham, who is one of the best orators of the age, was bora 5 just rising.

t > in this house, if in good aspect to V-f gives the native wealth. The Duke of Wellington had ) in this house in A to If. in the 10th.

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