the natures of the planets.

Herschel.—This is the most distant planet from the Sun ; he takes 84 years to go through the 12 signs. He is frequently retrograde, appearing to go backward in the heavens. His diameter is to that of our Earth as 4.332 to 1.

The nature of Herschel is extremely evil. If ascending at the time of birth, he causes the native to be of very eccentric disposition, pursuing extraordinary and uncommon objects ; one who despises the track of custom, and is very abrupt in his manners. Whatever good he may produce, when well aspected or situated, will be of a sudden description, and quite out of the common course of things. Persons whose minds are influenced by this planet are unsettled in life, partial to travelling, witnessing many strange scenes, very romantic and extraordinary in their ideas, and given to the study of antiquity ; yet likely to strike out many novelties.

Saturn.—This planet is next to Herschel. He is at a great distance from the Sun, and exceeds this Garth in bulk nearly 1000 times. He goes through the zodiac in 29 years and a half; his diameter is to that of the Earth as 9.987 to 1.

The nature of Saturn is far more evil than that of Herschel : he is called the Greater Infortune, and he is undoubtedly the cause (subservient to the will of Providence) of the greater portion of human suffering. When he is rising or setting at birth, the person born will suffer much lingering sickness, and be very subject to blows, bruises, and falls. If he be on the meridian, or coming to the meridian, he causes perpetual trouble and disgrace: all the native's affairs go wrong, and, unless there be some very strong aspects of other planets to counteract this evil position, the native is the complete child of misfortune. If he be in the opposite situation, that is, near the north meridian, or cusp of the fourth house, his effects are nearly as evil. Persons born under his influence are nervous, fearful, bashful, cowardly, melancholy, and given to shed tears. They suffer from chronic diseases, and are liable to mental infirmities. Their dispositions are thoughtful, malicious, and reserved ; they are Arm and obstinate in their opinions, but adhere strongly to their attachments.

Jupiter or Jove is next to Saturn in the solar system. He is the largest of all, in bulk exceeding that of the Earth nearly 1300 times. He is very nearly twelve years in going round the zodiac : his diameter is to that of the Earth as 10.86 to 1.

His nature is eminently benefic, and he is called the Greater Fortune. When rising at birth, he confers much strength of constitution, enabling the native to overcome very evil directions, which would otherwise prove fatal.

The persons under his influence are healthy, cheerful, and jovial in disposition, and are open, sincere, generous, and quite free from fraud or meanness of any kind. They are generally much esteemed, from pursuing always very honourable, magnanimous conduct; and they are the favourites of fortune. If Jupiter be approaching the meridian at birth, the native will (unless very evil aspects occur to counteract his influence) become extremely wealthy, and arrive at distinction. This is verified in the nativities of Queen Victoria and the Duke of Wellington.

Mars.—This planet is between the Earth and Jupiter; he is rather less'in size than our globe, and goes round the Sun in about six weeks less than two years. His red fiery appearance renders him very conspicuous in the heavens : his ^diameter is to that of the Earth as 0.517 to 1.

Mars is a very evil planet, but his nature is quite different from Saturn. He causes all hot and violent diseases, and persons under his influence are subject to cuts, burns, and oxher violent accidents. They are rash, angry, and always ready to rush into quarrels and bloodshed. They feel no pity. If Mars be in the ascendant of any person's nativity, they become liable to receive cuts or have marks in the face ; they are fond of war and danger; if in the 10th house, or on the meridian, they are generally observed as warlike characters, and may gain honours as such. In George the Third's nativity he was so situated, and during his reign England was perpetually at war.

Venus.—This beautiful planet is situated nearer the Sun than is the Earth. She goes round the Sun in 32 weeks, and is very nearly the same size as our globe: her diameter is to the Earth as 0.975 to 1.

Her nature is decidedly benefic, but her power nothing equal to that of Jupiter. She assists to strengthen the gbammab of astb0l0gt.

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