The Alphabet

This consists of twelve characters, which represent the twelve Signs of the Zodiac: they are these—

Southern, ¿js Libra. yp Capricorn, in Scorpio. t» Aquarius. / Sagittary. X Pisces.

Northern. T Aries. 25 Cancer.

Also of eight others, which represent the Planets, as follow :—

And five others, which represent the Aspects, or positions which these planets bear to each other, as follow:—

t d Conjunction, or when two planets are in the same place # Sextile, or when they are 60 degrees or two signs apart. □ Square, or \yhen they are 90 degrees or three signs apart. A Trine, or when they are 120 degrees or four signs apart. g Opposition,\ox when they are 180 degrees or six signs asunder.

N.B.—There are also some called the new aspects; they were discovered by the great Kepler, one of the ablest astro logers of modern date, and are as follow :—The Semi-Sextile, or 30 degrees ; the Semi-Square, or 45 degrees ; Sesquiquad-rate, or 135 degrees ; and the Quintile, or 72 degrees; and Biquintile, or 144 degrees. The power of these is not so great as that of the old aspects. The Moon's nodes are thus marked,— 3 north, 8 south. Lastly, there is another character, which is called the Part of Fortune, 0.

The learner should practise writing the characters, and become well acquainted with the signs which are opposite to each other.

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