Book The First

Chap. Page

I.—The alphabet 357

II.—The signs of the zodiac 358

IV.—Of the aspects 368

V.—The qualities of the aspects 370

VI.—Of the figure of the heavens 372

VII.—Of the twelve houses of heaven 373 VIII.—To erect a figure of the heaven3 at birth. • 375

IX.—To find the planets' latitudes, declinations. &c. . . . 382 X.—To judge the future fate by the figure of the heavens at the moment of birth . 388

XI.—To judge of the effects of directions 404

XII.—Of mundane aspects and directions 407

XIII.—Of the mundane parallels 410

XIV.—Of the part of fortune 411

XV.—Of the hyleg and the hylegiacal places . .413

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