introduction to astrology.

that planet. Describe the planet, and it personates the individual ; and the nature of the planet, sign, and quarter of heaven it is in, will, by the plurality of testimonies, shew whether it be male or female.

Of a thing suddenly happening, whether it signifies Good or Evil?

Erect your figure of heaven at the exact time of any event happening, or when you first heard of it: then consider who is lord of the ascendant, and which planet disposes of 0 and ]); and see if either of these be in the ascendant, and, if more than one, take the most powerful; and let his position be well considered. If he be in good aspect with Q,%9 or there will no evil arise from the accident, rumour, or whatever the event may be ; but if you find that planet weak in the scheme, combust, or in evil aspect to ^, or there will be some evil occur. If you consider the afflicting planet and his nature and position, you may learn the nature of the misfortune. If it be the lord of the 3d, it will come through some kinsman or neighbour, or by some short journey ; if the lord of the 2d cast the ray, or the evil planet be in the 2d, it denotes loss of money; * if the lord of the 4th, trouble about houses, &c., or by means of a father or wife's mother; if the 5th, by intemperance, or by children, &c., and so of the rest.f

* the same if ® receive evil rays approaching, f The nature of the planet casting the ray, also may be expected to shew the nature of the evil; <? shews robbers, &c., \\ elderly persons, $ young persons and lawyers, unlooked-for and uncommon events, ? females, O men in power, 2/. clergymen and magistrates, ]> sailors, low people, mobs, &c. But note, that unless the benefic planets be lords of evil houses, their ill aspects do not import much evil. And if they be lords of good houses, or placed in good houses and strong, their good aspects denote benefits in the same manner; and in all cases 0 shews gain or loss, as it may be aspected; and with the chief significator, imports benefits, and © the reverse.

Query.—What Mark, Mole, or Scar has the Querent on any Part of his Body ? This is useful to prove that a question is radical, and to satisfy sceptics of the truth of the science.

When you have, upon any demand, erected the querent's figure, observe what member of man's body the ascending sign represents; for upon that part of his body will the querent have a mole, mark, or scar; as, if the ascendant be T, the same will be on the head; if 0, it will be on the neck; if n, on the arms or shoulders, &c.* And also in the part ruled by the sign in which the lord of the ascendant is, will there be another mark.

The signs on the cusp of the 6th house, and that in which the lord of the 6th is, will give other marks on the parts they role. Also the sign in which ]) is found will give a mark in that part it governs.

If Tj give the mark, it is dark, obscure, or black; <J usually gives a red mole ; but if he be in a fiery sign, it is generally a cut or scar.

If the sign or planet signifying the mark or mole be much afflicted, the mark, &c. will be more obvious and eminent.

If the sign or planet be masculine, the mark is on the fight side of the body; but if they be feminine, on the left aide. And if the significator of the mole, &c. be above the horizon, the mark or mole will be on the fore part, or visible to the eye, or on the outside of the member, &c.; but if the planet be below the earth, it will be found on the inside, or

* Parts ^ Man's Body ruled by the Twelv* Signs. T Head and face. ¿k Reins and loins.

0 Neck and throat. Secret members.

n Arms and shoulders. f Hips and thighs.

25 Breast and stomach. VP Knees and hams.

g Heart and back. «a Legs and ancles, n Bowels and belly. X Feet and toes.

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