If ? be significator, it represents one who is polite, mild, and courteous, fond of the elegant branches of literature; a pleasant companion, a favourite of females ; and one of an excellent disposition.

If $ be significator, he excels in any pursuit that requires taste ; a good painter, an excellent poet or musician, of a very humane disposition, and of the most prepossessing appearance.

N.B. It must be most carefully observed, whether these planets have any other familiarity at the same time; for should Ijl, , or (J be in □, it will make a most remarkable difference. Indeed, this must be scrupulously attended to in all cases, but especially, where $, Ç, or > may be significator.

If $ be significator, it renders a man very mutable and uncertain ; often promising, through goodness of disposition, much more than he is capable of performing.

If J be significator, he is of an easy, happy, disposition, with little care beyond the enjoyment of the present moment ; a great proficient in all elegant amusements, and of an easy and genteel address.

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