If Ij be significator, the querent is subtle and crafty, fond of researches into antiquity; one of much gravity and considerable learning; though not always of the most agreeable manners.

If 5 be significator, he is dull, suspicious, mean, cowardly, calculating, and covetous. Should he turn his attention to literature, he may gain some knowledge, although with great labour; and should he become an author, his writings may bring him into some disgrace.

If F? be significator, the person is restless and unsettled m his purposes, and often changes his residence. He is not very fortunate, though he may sometimes benefit by the populace, and by the lower order of females.

If )> be significator, he is poor, miserable, and dejected; of unpleasant manners, and sullen disposition; extremely unfortunate, and uncommonly covetous, though possessing scarcely any property. With much suspicious caution, he frequently commits the most unaccountable errors in afiairs of the greatest consequence; as, through excess of prudence, he is very likely to doubt and deliberate in the moment of action.

If % be significator, the querent is bold, proud, and ambitious ; fond of martial exploits and enterprises; a good soldier or surgeon ; though he may lose much by strife and contention, and sometimes receive wounds in quarrels.

If (J be significator, he is good, pious, and just; he is eminently successful in the law or the church; and often makes a fortune by those means.

If % be significator, the querent is "weak, servile, and credulous; he incurs the displeasure of men in power, by whom he is much oppressed, and often ruined ; he has bad health; and is generally a vain, loquacious character, indulging in fanciful speculations about religion, and other matters, for which he is totally unqualified.

If © be significator, the power of % is so much destroyed by the power of ©, that he has but very little effect; though the party will, in general, be very much given to religion, which, if ?/ be well dignified in other respects, and not ill-aspected, will be sincere, otherwise it is fanatical or hypocritical.

If % be significator, it promises the greatest happiness; the querent is highly favoured by the female sex, by whose means he gains great advancement; he is rich, prosperous, and fortunate; very healthy, and greatly admired and respected. It shews great personal beauty.

If ? be significator, it denotes great beauty of person, (unless ? be in 17^ or Vf)> riches, honours, ecclesiastical preferment; the person so represented is truly virtuous, pious, kind and beneficent to all, with the greatest goodness of heart, and a disposition that will command universal love and esteem.

If % be significator, it denotes a person of great learning, a good lawyer or divine, of excellent abilities and much information.

If 5? be significator, he is mild, humane, religious, fond of literature; possessing an elegant mind, and a gentle, engaging disposition; he is raised to eminence, and protected by powerful patrons; he accumulates great riches, and is, in general, extremely fortunate.

If % be significator, the person so represented is restless and changeable, and seldom sufficiently settled to procure much wealth; he is, on the whole, very fortunate, often gains considerably by marriage, and is a general favourite with the fair sex; he is a great traveller, and is eminently successful in maritime affairs and among seamen, shipping, &c.

If )) be significator, he is fortunate in ecclesiastical affairs; or among mercantile men, magistrates, &c. He obtains great wealth, though he is liable to losses frequently by canting, hypocritical persons, who impose upon his natural kindness and generosity of disposition. He has, however, too much good fortune to be injured by those persons to any serum extent.

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