2d. This right ascension is found to answer to 3 deg. 5 V of the sign Capricorn: we, therefore, enter Vf 3° on the cusp of the 10th house or mid-heaven, and the same degree of the opposite sign ® on the 4th.

3d. In the next (3d) column will be found 22°; which shews that on the 11th house must be placed Vf 22, and the like number of the opposite sign ® on the 5th house.

4th. In the 4th column will be found 17 deg. of Aquarius, as that sign is given at the head of the column; place this on the 12th house, and 17 of Leo on the 6th or opposite house.

5th. In the 5th column you find 7° 55', which denotes that 7 deg. 55 min. of Aries were ascending in the east: but this was when 3° exactly of Yf were culminating; and as 1° of longitude on the meridian is seen to give 2° 34' on the ascendant, 5f will give 14', therefore say 7° 55' + 14' = 8° 9' of Aries rising; and after placing r 8° 9' on the 1st, place 8° 9' on the opposite or 7th house.

6th. On the 2d house place what you find in the 6th column, viz. 22° Taurus; thus Q 22°, and on its opposite place lit 22°.

7th. On the 3d house place what you see in the 7th column, n 15°, and on its opposite f 15°. The figure will then display the signs of the zodiac as they were in the heavens at 1 p.m. 10 Bee. 1815, at London. (See fig. 2.)

to place the planets in the pi git be.

Preliminary Observation.—The Ephemeris being calculated for the meridian of Greenwich, if the birth take place as and sidereal time, 9".86, into the amount of mean time elapsed since noon. Thus 1 hour * 9".86=9".86; and to turn this into degrees or arc," say 9".86 x 15 = 148", which I call 3', as I lost 15" in the " equation of time/'

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