divided into twelve portions or signs, they must consist of thirty degrees each. It is found that each of these signs, when it rises at the birth of an individual, possesses a certain influence to produce a particular form of body, and some peculiar mental inclinations. There is no reason to suppose, however, that the influence of Aries, or any other sign, proceeds merely from that sign alone; but it is more probable that when that sign is rising, the whole face of the heavens is such as to produce a certain effect. This may be caused as much by the distant .stars in the milky way (that large shining band seen in the heavens on a fine night, which consists of innumerable millions of stars, and of which our Sun is supposed to be one) as by any others. In fact, Ptolemy speaks of these effects being produced by the "ambient," which means the entire of the heavens, and not the ascending sign alone.

general rule for judging the effect op each sign.* Aries.—This sign produces a dry, lean body, middle stature, strong limbs, large bones, long and meagre face, sharp sight, neck rather long and scraggy, dark eyebrows, swarthy complexion, hair reddish and wiry, thick shoulders; disposition angry and violent as the Ram. Taurus.—A short, full, well-set person; full face and eyes, _ thick neck and lips, wide nose and mouth, swarthy shining face; a short, thick, broad hand; large shoulders; dark, harsh, and generally curling hair. Given to eating, unfeeling, melancholy, and slow to anger, but when enraged, furious as the Bull. Gemini.—A tall, upright, well-made body, with good carriage, long arms, but hands and feet generally short and fleshy; hair blackish, eyes hazel, and having a sharp, quick, pene-

* These must not be confounded with the constellations of the same names.

trating wanton look : if a female, she has very fine eyes; body strong and active; step smart and quick; understanding good; imagination powerful; said to beget or bear Twins.*

Cancer.—A short, small person, with pale, sickly complexion, round full face, and generally small features; sad brown hair, small grey eyes; the upper part of the body larger than the lower; constitution weakly: if a female, prolific. Dull and timid as the Crab.

Leo.—A large noble person ; full, tall stature, well proportioned ; shoulders broad and well set; hair often yellowish and bushy, or curling; eyes large and staring, yet quick-sighted, if no evil planets ascend; countenance fierce : head round, complexion ruddy; step firm and majestic ; if 0 be rising, a haughty air; disposition free and courteous; heart bold and courageous as the Lion.

Virgo.—Middle stature, inclined to be tall; slender figure, neat and well formed; dark brown hair ; dark complexion, well favoured, but not handsome; face more round than oval; voice weak and unmusical; mind ingenious; pleasant in conversation; given to study; fond of learning; but fickle, and bashful as a Virgin.

Libra.—Tall and elegantly formed, rather slender; hair smooth, and a light auburn or flaxen; face round and lovely, having great beauty; fine, clear red and white complexion, which in old age becomes pimpled or ruddy; eyes generally blue and beautiful; mind well principled; temper even as the Balance.

Scorpio.—Thick, well-set, middle-sized person; strong and robust; face somewhat broad and square; complexion dusky; hair dark brown, curling, bushy, and plentiful; thick neck; coarse hairy legs, often bow-legged, or club-

* If \ or if. be setting, the shoulders will be large and uncomely.

footed, or ill-made feet; mind thoughtful, reserved ; active and deceitful as the Scorpion.

Sagittarius.—Well-formed person, rather tall; strong active body; rather long face and handsome, with generally a straight Grecian nose; fine clear eyes, and good ruddy complexion; chestnut-coloured hair, growing off the temples ; inclined to baldness; daring and intrepid, fond of horses and hunting.

Capricorn.—Short, slender, ill-formed person; long thin face; generally ugly; chin long and pointed, protruding like that of the goat; thin beard; neck long and small; hair black and lanky ; narrow breast; weak in the knees, with crooked ill-formed legs ; the native has a skippish manner, jumping forward when addressing any one, and they nod on one side like a goat when it butts; mind subtle and witty, but capricious as Copra the Goat.

Aquarius.—Person stout, well-set, and comely, rather tall, not very, but never short; robust, strong, healthy appearance ; a long and rather fleshy face ; distorted teeth if V¿ be ascending ; complexion clear and delicate, somewhat sanguine ; hazel eyes; sandy or darkish flaxen hair. This sign gives more beauty than any other, except Libra ; disposition gentle and benevolent; said to take delight on the Water.

Pisces.—Person short; large pale and fleshy face; the face is always full, but sometimes sanguine in complexion; if 0 be rising, a good colour ; a stooping, heavy gait, holding down the head when walking. If a female, the face is generally plump, and the skin clear and lucid, but very white ; hair dark ; and round shouldered, unless 0 be rising ; eyes sleepy ; shoulders round; arms and legs short and fin-like ; ill-made feet; disposition indolent, and too often given to drink, like the Fishes.

Cautioit.—These descriptions are rarely to be met with exactly. Every planet which throws an aspect to the ascendant has an influence both on mind and body; and if any planet be rising, it impresses its own character most powerfully on both. If the latter part of a sign be on the cusp of the ascendant, a portion of the next sign must be in the ascendant ; and the native will partake of both influences. A person, for instance, having the latter part of Sagittary rising, and the whole of Capricorn in the ascendant, may have a fine head of hair and handsome forehead, but the rest of the face and person extremely ugly. The disposition also depends chiefly on the Moon and Mercury.

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