the woman with child shall bring forth male or female; of the health or sickness of his son or daughter that asks the question. It rules the stomach, liver, heart, sides, and back, and is masculine. Of colours, black and white, or honey colour; and is a succeedent house; its consignificators are ft and $, who does joy in this house, in regard it is the house of pleasure, delight and merriment; it is wholly unfortunate by J or , and they therein shew disobedient children, and untoward.

The Sixth House.

It concerns men and maid servants, galley slaves, hogs, sheep, goats, hares, conies, all manner of lesser cattle, and profit or loss got thereby; sickness, its quality and cause ; the principal humour offending, curable or not curable; whether the disease be short or long; day-labourers, tenants, farmers, shepherds, hogherds, neatherds, warreners, and it signifies uncles, or the father's brothers and sisters. It rules the inferior part of the belly and intestines, even to the rectum. The house is a feminine and cadent house, unfortunate as having no aspect to the ascendant. Of colours, black ; £ rejoices in this house, but its consignificators are the sign Tip and planet $ : we usually find that (J and ? in conjunction in this house are arguments of a good physician.*

The Seveitth House.

It gives judgment of marriage ; and describes the person inquired after, whether it be a man or woman; all manner of love questions ; or public enemies, the defendant in a lawsuit, in war, the opposing party ; all quarrels, duels, lawsuits ; in astrology, the artist himself; in physic, the physician ; thieves and thefts, the person stealing, whether man or woman; wives,

* This alludes to questions regarding sickness, and by no means to nstrrities.

32 (QCjir intboduction to astbology.

sweethearts, their shape, description, condition, nobly or ignobly born; in an annual ingress, whether war or peace may be expected ; of victory, who overcomes and who is worsted; fugitives or runaways, banished or outlawed men. It has consignificators £t and ))'; or $ unfortunate herein, shew ill in marriage. * Of colour, a dark black. It rules the haunches, and the navel, to the buttocks, is called the angle of the west, and is masculine.

The Eighth House.

The estate of men deceased ; death, its quality and nature; the wills, legacies, and testaments of men deceased; dowry of the wife, portion of the maid, whether much or little, easy to be obtained or with difficulty. In duels, it represents the adversary's second; in lawsuits, the defendant's Mends; what kind of death a man shall die; it signifies fear and anguish of mind;+ also who shall be heir to the deceased. It rules the privy parts. Of colours, the green and black. Of signs, it has v\ for consignificator and F?. The hemorrhoids, the stone, stranguary, and bladder, are ruled by this house, also poisons ; it is a succeedent house, and feminine.

The Ninth House.

By this house we give judgment of voyages or long jour-nies beyond seas, of religious men, or clergy of any kind, whether bishops or inferior ministers; dreams, visions, foreign countries, books, learning, church livings or benefices, and of the kindred of one's wife or husband. Of colours, it has the

* We always find that h, <?, or in this house are causes of ill-fortune in marriage, or the married state, in nativities, let them be aspected how they will; and in questions, we have no opinion of them, though ever so strongly dignified. The Duke of Wellington had both Tj and <? in the 7th, and was unfortunate in marriage.

f This alludes to the significator of the querent being placed in the 8th house.

introduction to astrology. r 33

green and white ; of man's body, it rules the fundament, the hips, and thighs ; % and are consignificators of this house; for if % be herein placed, it naturally signifies a devout man in his religion, or one modestly given. I have often observed when the Dragon's tail, fy $ or c? have been unfortunately placed in this house, the querent has either been little better than an atheist or a desperate sectarian.* © rejoices to be in this house, which is masculine and cadent.

The Tenth House. Commonly it personates kings, princes, dukes, earls, judges, prime officers, commanders-in-chief, whether in armies or towns; all sorts of magistracy and officers in authority, also mothers; honour, preferment, dignity, office, lawyers, professions or trade; it also signifies kingdoms, empires, dukedoms, counties; it has of colours red or white, and rules the knees and thighs. It is called the medium cceli, or midheaven, and is feminine. Its consignificators are Vf and . Either 11 or the © are very fortunate in this house, especially when they are placed together ; ^ or 23 usually deny honour as to persons of quality, and to the vulgar little prosperity in profession or trade.

* This merely alludes to horary questions, and can have no kind of influence this way, these things being at the most symbols of a good or bad man; for in nativities the mind is influenced by the Moon and Mercury only. The error of confounding these two branches of the science, nativities, in which the planets are causes (under God) of events, and horary questions, in which they are only signs of the events, has been the chief means of bringing this sublime science into disrepute. This error appears to have arisen from the low state and condition of astronomy in the middle ages, when, even as late as the days of Charles II., Dr. Goad, his physician, assures us that the astronomers could not calculate an opposition of the planets If. and h nearer than a week. How, then, can it be expected that the judgments of astrologers should have always been correct, when the very data on which they depended were often erroneous ?

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