sign ascend, or the }), or lord of the ascendant, he in a fixed sign, or in it denotes long imprisonment. The same if a fixed sign be on the 12th, or its lord be angular, and in a fixed sign. The ]), or lord of the 1st, in 0 or SI, and in g to £, Bhews danger of being slain by the sword, or by quarrelling ; if in g to F?, it shews irons or severe punishments. (If it he an ordinary prisoner, these may shew sickness, want, and ill treatment, or accident, &c.)

An infortune in tx, shews a long imprisonment. If the lord of the ascendant be in his fall or detriment, and the ]) in ss, the same; also the }), or lord of the 1st, in the 8th or 12th. If ) apply to a fortune, and the lord of the ascendant and the cusp of the ascendant be fortunate, it denotes liberation.

Note.— $ is better than % in this question, especially if in aspect to $ or i • If 3) be with T?, and % behold them by □, and c? by A, it denotes that, after a long confinement and suffering, he shall break prison and escape.

If a felon, &c., be imprisoned when © ascends or rules the ascendant, he shall escape (the ancients declare) within a month; if ?, within 40 days; if J, he has long imprisonment ; if ]), his state will depend on and change according as she has applications with other planets; if ^, he has long confinement; if 1/, short; and if (J, he shall be ill-treated, beaten, put into irons, &c.

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