planet in the 3d or 9th by or A, or by □, if with reception), he shall soon leave the prison; the same, if she aspect the lord of the 3d or 9th, and be not in an angle. As you jndge by ]), judge also by the lord of the ascendant. But these aspects must be by application.

The lords of the angles being in angles, is an ill testimony; and so much the worse if the lord of the ascendant be in the 4th, or if either he or the lord of the 12th dispose of each other. It is still worse if the lord of the ascendant be disposed of by a planet in an angle, especially a malefic; and worst of all if that malefic be in the 4th; and if he be the lord of the 8th, he may expect to die in prison. The ) disposed of by the lord of the 12th, or any malefic, is a sign of a long stay; and it is still worse, if her dispositor be in an angle, and especially in the 4th. If, however, the disposing planet be in a moveable sign, or swift in motion, it shortens the time; but a retrograde planet shews a long detention. If the lord of the ascendant, or ]), be combust, it shews a long imprisonment.

The ]) and $ in moveable signs, when $ is lord of the ascendant, shews speedy enlargement, especially if they aspect a fortune. If % ascend, or be in (j with D, or $ be in the ascendant in <5 with i, or $ be in (5 with %, and aspect the J, or J apply to % or ?, he will be discharged. The dispositor of ]) with a fortune denotes the same.

Whether a Prisoner of War shall escape or be exchanged, fyc.

If the lord of the ascendant separate from the lord of the 4th, and apply to a fortune ; or if the lord of the ascendant be cadent, or leaving an angle, he shall escape. Also if he separate from combustion, or J get from under the beams of©.

If at the time of being taken, or of the question, a fixed

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