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found to have a mutual influence or action on each other, according to the nature of the aspect. For example: if the O he 60 degrees (a •)£) from % in any figure, it denote* that the person signified by the Sun is under the benefic influence of the benevolent %; and shews success according to the nature of the question. In nativities it causes good health and good fortune in life. But if © be 90 degrees (a □) from \, it shews discredit, a failure of hopes, &c. in a question; and in a nativity it produces much sickness to the native, and also misfortunes to his father. This was verified in the nativity of Napoleon Bonaparte's son, who was born at 9h. 15m. a.m. 20th March, 1811, when © was in 28° 53' of X, and fy was in 26° 28' of f; just 92° 25' distant from each other. This very close □ aspect of © and caused great trouble to the native, through his father's misfortunes; and, as © was the hyleg, produced a consumptive disease, and early death. It is remarkable, that his father's troubles began immediately after his birth; and it will always be found in the nativity of a child, that the fortune of its parents may be ascertained thereby until the birth of another child. If, for example, the child have evil planets in the fourth house, its father will be more or less unfortunate until the birth of another child ; when, if that other have % and $ in the fourth house, the father's affairs will become more fortunate : so very beautifully do the nativities of parents and their children sympathise together.

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