fore, the significator of the science of astrology. He is found cadent, and almost peregrine, having no essential dignity hut his term, hy which may be seen the present enfeebled state of the science ; but as $ has passed through four degrees of his term in a fixed sign, this points out, that for four years it has been in some measure more in credit than previously. And this is the case, as it is about four years since the Editor's publications began to call attention to the science. And as $ has just passed a -X- of 1/, who describes the person asking the question, it is shewn that the science has been much benefited by such a person, about nine months before, because $ is past the -X- of % hy 43', which shews about nine months, taking a degree for a year. And the fact is, that the Grammar of Astrology was published about nine months before the time of the question.

The 8 in the ascendant shews the difficulties the Editor has had to encounter, and the contumely he has had to meet in bringing the science forward again.

The presence of \ in the 9th, denotes the discredit in which the science is generally held; and being in <j with ?, it shews that injury has been done to it by elderly females, who pretend to practise divining, &e., but who are held in great contempt by the public, as may be seen by the } (the general significator of the public) being in £ to both ? and , from the house of enemies to the science. The next aspeet formed by §, is the of , who being lord of the 11th house of the figure, and placed on the cusp of the Uth from the ninth, denotes friends. This shews, that in about four years from the time of the question, the science will gain many friends among persons denoted by in H, such as writers of public spirit, booksellers, &c.; and there is no doubt that about that time it will suddenly and rapidly gain ground in public opinion. The next aspect s 2

formed by $ > i® the g of 1$, from which he is distant 14e 5 this may shew that some sudden mischief may be done to the interests of the science by means of female agents, as ? is in exact sesquiquadrate aspect to ]£[. But as is retrograde, and not angular, this will not be very important. The © is in the 12th from the 9th, and denotes secret enmity to the science by men in power, the © being in SI; and as he disposes of $, it shews that the hand of power at present keeps it down. As $ is 18° from ©, I judge that, about the year 1852, some important honour will be done to the science; probably by the present penal laws being repealed, which forbid the acceptance of any remuneration for practising it. As $ has 20* to pass before he reaches ng, his own dignities, and as f? will then have entered n, and be disposed of by $, I judge that about 20 years hence the science will be publicly honoured; and as £ has afterwards 18° to pass in a common sign (signifying months), I conceive that about 18 months after that, when $ crosses the cusp of the 9th house in this figure (about the year 1856), the science will rapidly rise in public estimation, and be publicly studied in colleges, &c.

The © enters ng after two years, as he is two degrees off, which will cause the ruling powers to relax something of their severity against the science; and as he then has 18°, (equal to 18 months, being in a common sign,) to go before he passes the cusp, there will be some person of rank who will assist the science at that time; viz. three years and a half from the time of the question, or the year 1838.

The j) must now be considered; she is hastening to g of two planets in the 9th, which shews that there is yet much opposition to be expected to the science by the puhlic, and especially by rash and violent people, which )) in the house of (J always denotes. But after the influence of the g of ^

and ? is passed away, the } meets nothing but favourable aspects. It is very remarkable that the ]) is aspected by every one of the planets before she passes through T. The first aspect she forms after ^ of ^ and ? is of 2/, which denotes popularity for the works of the Editor, connected with the science. The next is A of $, which shews an increase of students, and public discussion. The next is of £, denoting increase of powerful friends, who will boldly advocate the cause of the science. The of IjjL is of little import; but the A of 0 being the last aspect she forms before leaving the sign, decidedly shews that at last the science will receive the highest patronage, and be publicly honoured; and as © is in SI, a fixed sign, this will be permanent. Finally, the cusp of the 4th is in the term as well as house of £, and is ruled by 0, by triplicity, and face; and © casts a A thereto ; lord of the 4th, is in tf with 1/, in to 5 and ]>, and A to ^ ^^ ? 5 he rules the j) by house and face, and the © by face. All these are decided testimonies, that in the end the cause of truth shall triumph, and the reality and utility of the science be permanently established. $ in a fixed sign, and so powerfully aspected by fy, 11, (?> (lord of the 4th, the house denoting the end of the matter) ? and ]), is another strong evidence that astrology is destined to flourish while the world endures !

N.B. It is remarkable that £ had just passed the of 5, lady of the 2d (or house of property), from the 9th, and lady also of the 10th in the figure, and 9th (house of law) from the 9th. This shewed the benefit resulting to astrology, by the repeal of the law which taxed Almanacs, and which greatly injured the science. It is also remarkable, that % was exactly passing over the 2d degree of n, the cusp of the 10th (house of honour) from the 9th, about the 7th

February, 1835, when the last sheet of the former edition of this work went through .the press ; and at the same time 1? was in 23° 6', having just quitted the 9th house, where he had injured the interests of the science.

A Woman asks of her Husband, who is at Sea;

if aliye ? when return?

Judgment. — The lord of the ascendant, shews the querent. He being with ]) and J? in T, which rules the face, she was extremely disfigured in the face by small pock, had weak eyes, &c., and was fall of grief and sorrow for her husband, occasioned by Jj afflicting $ . She had also a lisp, and spoke ill; for F? in a bestial sign afflicting $, causes impediments in speech, especially if also ]) be afflicted.

Tj. signified the quesited, who being in the 10th, and lately separated from ¿fc of ?, now in the 9th, and lady of the 3d, it shewed that he had been lately some voyage south-east. And as 7/ was no way afflicted and swift in motion, as well as angular, I judged the man was alive and in health. But as J who disposes of 7/, is lord of his 8th (viz. the 2d house), and as ]) is so exceedingly afflicted by $ and Fj, I said he had been in much danger and peril of his life by treachery and plots of his adversaries; for $ is lord of the 7th from his ascendant, and F? of his 12th.

Moreover, 7/ is accidentally but not essentially fortified, and is in his detriment, and near Oculus Q, a violent fixed star; intimating that the man had endured many sudden and violent chances.

Finding 7/ more fortified than J, she almost entering Q, a southern sign, and 3/ in n, a western sign, and south quarter, I judged that the quesited was in the south-west of England, in some harbour, as 7/ was angular.

When She should hear of Him, or see Him ?

The ]) separates from Fj, and applies to the querent's significator; shewing that after much expectation, &c., she should hear of him, and in about three days, as j) is so near 5, and in a moveable sign, (and so she did). But as ^ is in a moveable sign, and ]) afflicted by him and f?, the news she heard was false, for she heard that he was in town; but it was not so. Considering that 5 and 7/ hastened to a tf in n, ? being therein very potent, and that this was about the 5th May following, I judged that she would about that time bare certain newa of her husband, if he did not then come home. The second week in May she did hear from him, but he did not come home till July. He had been several voyages in the west, was taken prisoner by the king's forces, and, at the time of the question, was in Barnstaple.

Judgment.—The angles of the figure are not fixed, but the cusp of the 9th, from which this judgment is to be deduced, is o, a fixed and stable sign; and we must also judge from introduction to astrology.

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