The significator of his Excellency $ is well fortified, and afflicted in no way but by being in his fall. This figure manifests that it is of great importance in questions of warfare to have friendly to the querent. The )) separated from nothing, and was void of course; and, indeed, there was little hope of its being gained in the time it was. She applied to of $ from signs of long ascension, which was equivalent to a □ ; which argued that his Excellency would have much difficulty and some fighting ere he could get it. But as $ and ]) were in reception, viz. $ in her house, and she in his terms and face, and near Cor SI, and in the house of honour, I judged that his Excellency would obtain and take Reading, and gain honour thereby. Finding ©, hi» Majesty's significator, in the 7th in a fixed sign, I said that he would send forces to relieve the town, and oppose all he could; but that he would not prevail, as <J was better fortified than ©. The King did come in person, and was beaten back at Causham Bridge.

Finding that ss was not afflicted, I judged the town strong, and able to hold out; and ? being in the 5th, that they wanted not ammunition. Having well - weighed all things, and that ^, lord of the 4th, signifying the Governor, was in his fall with 8, and that $ and were not far from 8, I said, (and sent somebody word), that the most certain way, and which would assuredly occasion the surrender of the town, was to set division among the principal officers, and incense them against their chief officer, and that about eight days from the time of the question his Excellency would be master of the town; yet rather by composition than by blood. This because © and <J were separated from their -X- aspect, and was also separated from the □ of ^ ; as also because the ]) applied so directly to -X* °f the lord of the ascendant, without any frustration, &c.

The town was delivered for the Parliament's use on the 27th April, three days after the time I said; but it is observable that they began to treat on the very Monday before, just eight days after the figure was set.

The Governor was hurt in the head, as ^ in T with 8 shews ; nor did they want provisions, &c., as ? in the 5th signifies.*

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