aspect be past, the injury is done, and the enmity is dying away, unless the querent's significator, or ]), be about to receive another ill aspect.

If the quesited's significator be placed in the 12th, or in any good aspect with any planet which is in □ or to the J, or lord of the ascendant, without reception, there is enmity to the querent.

If the question be general, the lord of the 12th and planets therein must be taken; and they shew private enemies to the querent, unless a benefic planet be in the 12th, and throw a or Ay to the querent's significators. If there be many planets in the 7th, it shews many open enemies; and if in the 12th, many secret foes. The □ shews envy and malice, which maybe reconciled; the <f, if without reception, denotes irreconcilable enemies. If an evil planet in the 12th throw a good aspect to the querent's significator, it shews that there is some person who under pretence of friendship wishes to injure the querent. The same if the lord of the 11th be in the 12th. The house the lord of the 12th is in, will describe what person will injure the querent.

Judgment on the Figube above.

State of the Querent's case.—A gentleman had been a long tune an earnest suitor unto her for marriage; but she had continually alighted, and at last had given him a positive denial; after which she sorely repented her conduct, and wished she had her former opportunity. She was in this state when she propounded her question to me.

The ascendant and © are for the querent ; f?, lord of the 7th, and J, are for the gentleman. The querent was mode rately tall, of round face, sanguine complexion, grey eyes, light brown hair, occasioned by ©, lord of the ascendant, being in the terms of £, and she was of cheerful modest countenance, comely, and well spoken.

Finding f?, in the south angle, in ci with <£ in Q, a fixed, earthy sign, I judged the quesited to be of middle stature, not tall, nor handsome; a long face, not well composed ; a wan, pale complexion; hair dark, or of a sad ches-nut colour, curling and crisp; his eyes fixed, always down-looking, musing, stooping forward with his head, some impediment in his walking, as treading awry, &c. (All this was confessed.)

Finding ^ so elevated, and in (j (J, I judged that he was gloomy and angry, discontented, scorning his former slights, (as all saturnine people do); and I judged him much incensed by a relation, a gentleman of respectability, shewn by (?, lord of his 3d and 10th, and that this gentleman and he lived either in one house, or near each other; this being shewn by the significator's being in his 4th angle and fixed; (and so it was.)

I said the gentleman had no inclination for her, as the 3 was void of course, and applied to g of ©, lord of the ascendant, which shewed that she herself was her own enemy. She then confessed the truth, and implored my advice how, Consistent with honour, she might, if possible, bringt it on again; and she appearing in great distress, I began to consider what hopes she had in the figure. I found 0 applying to of Tj; this argued her desire and affection towards the quesited i but as there was no reception it gave little hopes. Finding reception between % and J), and © and )), and also that J disposed of f? in her exaltation, and % in her house, and that % was very near a of J?, applying, and not separating ; and also that % was in his exaltation, he being a fortune, and ever assisting nature and the afflicted, and that he was able to take off the malice of fj; I was confident, from the exactness of the aspect, that the quesited was intimately acquainted with a person of rank and worth, (such as ?/ represented), whom I exactly described, and the lady very well knew. I directed her to apply to him, and acquaint him with the full extent of her folly, and I assured her that in him she would find all honour and secrecy; and I doubted not hut, by God's blessing, he would again revive the business, and bring her to her heart's content. But finding that © and ^ 0111116 to •)(• aspect on the 27th of the month, I advised to hasten all before that aspect was over; and as on the 19th of June F? and 3/ came to a I told her that the gentleman should first move the quesited on that day near noon. My counsel was followed, and by that gentleman's means the match was brought on again, and completed within twenty days, to the content of the sorrowful (but to me unthankful) lady, &c.

I acquainted this lady, that shortly before her lover had been offered a match, and that the lady was well descended, of good fortune, and described by $ ; but that she need not fear his marrying her, as some officer or gentleman, who had been in the army, shewn by <J> would prevent that. She well knew both the parties, and confessed that such a matter had been.

Had the query been, who should live longest ? I should have judged the female, because © is going to cS %> and ¿ afflicts f? .

If, whether the quesited were rich ? I should say he had a good estate, as lord of his 2d, was direct, swift, and in bis exaltation, &c.

If, would they agree ? I should say they would, as © and >2 are applying to ; yet J? with ¿ shews a man who looks

0 0

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