depositor, it shall be fonnd. ) in the ascendant, or her dispositor in or A thereto, give hopes ; the dispositor of ]) separating from the lord of the 6 th, 8th, or 12th, and applying to the lord of the ascendant or casp of the 2d, give hopes also; and if ]) be in aspect to her dispositor, it is good. But ]) afflicted by the lords of the 6th, 8th, or 12th, it is in the hands of an evil person, who will not part with it; especially if an infortune afflict the ascendant or its lord, j) in A to the ascendant, its lord or Q, or in the ascendant, or G there, unless in or ss, it shall be found.

The Kind of Place a Thing lost is in ?

If J be in a human sign,* it is in a place where men frequent; and if in a brutal sign (r, 8, Vf, and the last half of f ), the thing is where animals frequent. If ]) be in fiery signs, it is where fire is or has been, or near a fire, or on hills or high ground; if in watery signs, where water is or has been;+ if in airy signs, where many windows are, or open places, garrets, &c.; if in earthy signs, in an earthy place, where houses are built of mud, clay, &c., and in brickfields. The }, or her dispositor, in a moveable sign, shews a place newly peopled, or a house newly built, or where there are hill« and dales : if in a fixed sign, in a level plain country; if in a common sign, in a place of much water, according to the nature of the thing missing. Also n, Tip, }, X> shew, if it be not living things, within the house ; but if cattle, &c., they shew ditches, pits, and among rushes, or in a market

* The human signs are n, TO, and sa, also the first half of f. If the agnificator of any person or } be in one of these signs, they are humane and civil in their manners.

t In this case 25 generally denotes pure or running water; n\. foul water, and filthy liquids, oils, dyes, &c.; and K standing waters, spirituous Kquors, wines, &c.

place. 0, ss, shew that the things are laid low or hid in the earth, or near walls, in hollow trees, &c. T, 95, Vf, shew high places, roofs, ceiling, &c., but watery signs denote about the foundations of houses, or cellars, if water be there.

Of Animals missing.

If the lord of the 6th be in the 6th, they are small animals ; if the lord of the 12th be in the 12th, they are large. If the lord of the 6th be in the 12th, they are in pound; and if in a fiery sign, locked up. If ]) be in common signs, they are in rushy grounds ; if in an angle, they are in enclosed ground ; if in a succeedent, they are near enclosures ; if in a cadent house, they are on commons. If in watery signs or rx, near fish-ponds or other waters; and if in the last moiety of yf, they are near ships, or on shipboard, or near some wood or timber-yard.

Whether it shall be restored?

The j) aspecting If. or ?, it is in the hands of an honest man, who will restore it. If 1/ or ? have any aspect to the ascendant, or J apply to the ascendant, it will be restored ; and if ]) be in the ascendant, it is restored without trouble or pain. The lord of the 7th, or 12th in the 12th house, the fugitive is imprisoned.

If the ]) be within 30° of the lord of the 1st, the thing is with or near the loser; if ]) be more than 30° off the lord of the 1 st, it is far off.

If it be animals, and the lord of the 6th, (or if large cattle the 12th,) be fortunate by the good aspects of ? or or they be found in the 2d, 5th, or 11th, the animals will be had again. The same if the lord of the term in which ]) is, or the lord of the cusp of the 4th be with the lord of the as-

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