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cast any good aspect to them, for then the evil will be mitigated.

13. If the fortunes promise good, but are weak, or behold not the ascendant, they perform but little without reception.

14. A planet peregrine, viz. haying no essential dignities at all, is very malicious.

15. Confide not too much in a fortune, unless he be in his essential dignities.

16. In a figure where both fortunes and infortunes arfe equally weak and ill placed, venture not a judgment, but defer the party for another time.

17. In all questions where the significator of the thing is combust, or in £ to Q, he can bring nothing to perfection.

18. If one infortune be joined to another, the good they pro mise will come to nothing; but the evil they threaten will be more violent.

19. The lord of the ascendant out of his dignities, cadent,

&c., shews the querent out of all hopes in the business.

20. A planet under the beams of ©, (viz. within 12 degrees), has no fortitude; * if within sixteen minutes of 0, he is in cazimi or heart of ©, and then he is very strong.

21. If the dispositor of the significator be oriental, and he either J?, or the matter is sooner performed; but if ? or later: the reverse, if they be occidental.

22. If the significator of the thing desired be in a fixed sign, it denotes stability, and that the thing shall continue, whether it be begun or is to be begun; if he be in common signs, it shews the probability of the matter,

* We should judge that, if the planet dispose of 0 by house, this rule does not hold. We have no faith in the doctrine of Cazimi.

but not its conclusion ; and if in moveable signs, a sudden resolution or concluding the matter one way or other. Hence we begin the foundations of buildings when the significators are fixed ; short journeys when moveable ; but things wherein a mediocrity is desirable, when they are in moveable signs.

23. The } or lord of the ascendant, with 8, brings damage, according to the house they are in. The S3 is in like manner beneficial.

24. If in any question you find )) afflicted, there is seldom any good comes of the matter.

25. If i or lord of the ascendant be in their fall, the querent despairs of the matter, nor does he much care whether it be performed or not.

26. Consider diligently the planet afflicting the significator of the thing demanded, and what house he is lord of, and where placed ; from the nature of those houses require the cause obstructing.

27. The most powerful affliction to the ]) is when she is combust, and if she applies to © it is the worst.

28. If an infortune aspect your significator, and they be both peregrine or retrograde, you may judge that the mischief threatened is almost inevitable.

29. Take especial notice whether any frustration or prohi bition be before the perfect aspect of the significators ; the planet which frustrates hinders the thing demanded.

30. In all questions of gain, look well to © : the querent will get by persons or things connected with the house it is in ; but if it be afflicted, he loses in the same way.

31. In questions of marriage, an evil planet in the 7th shews ill agreement in the married state.

32. If the lord of the 8th be unfortunate in the 8th, the querent will suffer by the death of some female; or, concerning debts due to him, by dead men.

33. In what house you find % or ? well dignified, expect benefits by men or things signified by that house ; as if in the 3d, by kindred; in the 4th, by your father or lands, &c.; in the 5th, by play, pleasure, &c.; and so of the others. And beware of slander or damage through that house where 23 falls.

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