last degrees of a sign ascend. If few degrees ascend, the matter is not yet ripe for judgment: if the latter degrees, the matter of the question is elapsed, or the querent has been tampering with other artists, or despairs of success. Meddle not with it at that time.

3. If » St or 8 be in the 10th house unfortunate, it will end in the discredit of the artist.

4. Judge not upon every trivial motion or light question, or when the querent has not wit to know what he would demand.

5. Observe well the strength and condition of ]); for it is far better that the lord of the ascendant be unfortunate than the ]).

6. The evil planets shew tardiness and difficulty in every question, unless ]) and they receive each other in the signification.

7. The benefics, % and ?, never import evil but when ruling evil houses; and if they be signifiCators without reception, even then they put forward the matter.

8. If J be void of course, there is no great hope of the question, unless she be in 0, f, or X.

9. Observe from what planet ]) last separated; for it will shew what has already happened: if from a fortune, good; but from a malefic, evil; according to the nature of the house the planet rules and is in.

10. The application of ]) shews the present condition of the matter, and what may be expected. If ]) apply to a planet in his fall, it denotes trouble and delays.

11. If evil planets promise good, it will be imperfect or less than is expected, and come with much effort; and if they foreshew evil, it will be greater than may be feared.

12. If malefics threaten evil, observe whether ©, 7/, or ?

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