* G in 0 denotes tumours in the knees, quinsy or sore throat, breakings out and swellings in those parts.

0 in n.— Blood inflamed, pestilential fevers, breakings out in several parts of the body, scurvy, pains and weakness in the legs.,

0 in s shews the measles or small pox, a disordered stomach, hoarseness, dropsy or swelling in the feet.

© in SI indicates violent pains in the head, madness, stone, pains in the back, plague, spotted fever.

0 in itj produces humours in the bowels, obstructions in the stomach, bloody flux, sore throat, or swellings in the neck.

0 in —Inflammation of the blood, pains in the arms and shoulders, stone and gravel, the venereal distemper, &c.

O in V[ indicates distempers in the secret parts, sharpness of urine, obstructions in the stomach, and female courses; also phlegmatuB dolens.

© in $. — The thighs are afflicted by hot humours; a fistula, fevers, swoonings, &c.

© in Yf signifies lameness about the knees, bowels disordered, and a fever.

© in as.—The blood inflamed, breakings out, reins disordered, gravel, stone, strangury, &c.

© in X •—The secret parts afflicted, strangury, and violent pains in those parts.

disea8es of venus.

$ in T indicates the disease is in the head from abundance of moist humours, lethargy, reins afflicted, and head disordered by cold.

? in Q signifies pain in the head or secret parts, swellings in the neck from moist humours in the head.

$ in n denotes a corrupted blood, king's evil, dropsy, and a flux of rheum.

§ in $ shews the stomach is much offended with cold, raw, undigested humours; many times with a surfeit, &c.

? in SI •—Some ill affection of the hearty love passion, &c., pains in the legs, of bad consequence.

$ in tip shews some distemper in the bowels, a flux, or the worms, mucus in the bowels.

$ in denotes a gonorrhea or distemper in the reins, or surfeit by too plentiful eating or drinking, and windy disorders.

? in m produces some venereal distemper, and pain in the private parts, &c.

? in $.—Hip gout, surfeits, cold and moist humours. ? in yf produces gout in the knees and thighs, and swellings in those parts.

? in ss.—Pains and swellings in the legs or knees from a cold cause, and the heart afflicted.

$ in X indicates lameness in the feet, swellings in the legs, a flux, windy complaints, &c.

diseases of mercury.

5 in T shews the disease lies in the head and brain, vertigo and spasms in the head, and sometimes disorders of the womb.

5 in Q produces defects in the throat, swellings in the neck, hoarseness, and also pain in the feet.

5 in n signifies windiness in the blood, gouty pains in the head, arms, &c.

$ in s produces a cold stomach, gripings, windiness, distillation of rheum, lameness in the legs and knees from colds, &c.

5 in SI indicates tremblings, melancholy, pains in the back, occasioned by colds caught in the feet.

§ in tip imports much wind in the bowels, obstructions, pains in the head, short breath, and wind cholic.

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