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QubstioK.—A sick Doctor; what is his Disease? Is it curable ?

To learn what part of the body is affected, observe that, as the ascendant is not afflicted, you must look to the 6th house, and see if it be so. Therein we find ^ in his fall; and as he naturally signifies diseases by his presence, I concluded that, from thence and that house I must require the part aggrieved.

T represents the head.

lord of the ascendant, in ft, signifies the heart.* The lord of the ascendant has just separated from a □ of ^, being at that time in 25, which signifies and rules oyer the breast and stomach. From all these testimonies I concluded that the parts of the body grieved were the head, breast, heart, and stomach; and that there was lodged in the breast or stomach some obstruction, which caused all his disease and Buffering.

From what Cause the Sickness was.

The principal significator being F?, and he in his own terms, and ]) disposed of by him and applying to him, shewed such diseases as he causes, and which might exist in the head and breast. $, lord of the ascendant, was also in the terms of ^ > aud applied to □ of ©, who was in the terms of $. So that dry, melancholy diseases were shewn by J?, and heat or fever by (J. And, indeed, when I came to speak to him, be was suffering great pain and rumbling in his head, was very silent, dull, and melancholy; he slept very little, had a very dry cough, and complained of great weakness and pain in his breast and at his heart. His complexion was between black and yellow, as if inclined to jaundice; and he had also a lingering consumption and great weariness all over him, with pains in his joints, shewn by ]) in an airy sign. The ascendant is which signifies the secrets, stone in the bladder, &c.; so the )) in xz shews the secrets and diseases therein, &c. Hence he had great difficulty in making water, voided red gravel, and suffered great pain in those parts.

Whether the Disease would be curable or not ?

The author of the disease being J? , shewed it would be of * This will be seen by the Table at the end of this chapter.


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