lent, and caused by gluttony or repletion. There is fever frequently very high, or choleric passion ; but the pulse is often faint, and beats slow and feeble. Inordinate exercise has frequently been the cause of the disease; and he suffers pestilent fever, &c. It shews hand and foot gout, breakings out, sore throat, &c., and, at times, sore and inflamed eyes. Also, hurts by horses.

The )) in Vf in (j, fyc. <J.—Nausea abounds, vomiting and flux. A puffing up of the sinews, (such as cholera cramps), inflammation of die breast, and humours in the hands or Angers. The face is yellow and sunken, the body extremely wasted, and the blood corrupt. The pulse remits, and is slow. The yellow jaundice happens under these aspects.

The ]) in vz in tf fyc. $.—If ]) be slow in motion, and decreasing in light, the disease proceeds from sharp and violent affections, or vehement passions. There is pain at the heart, swooning fits, high pulse, great pain in the chest, and much difficulty in breathing.

The ]) in X in fyc. <J. The body is full of gross humours, the disease is from too much drinking and excess, and is most prevalent in the night time. The party is troubled with a kind of delirium, (frequently it shews that they are yet drunk), they have vehement thirst, sharp burning fevers, and are desirous of wine. They have generally a looseness and much pain in the bowels, or a violent cough and great expectoration, and are almost suffocated with phlegm; the body is swollen, and there is danger of dropsy.*

* Where various diseases are named, the student must look to other testimonies to ascertain the exact complaint.

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